Modern vs. Ancient Grains

– What is the difference between the modern and ancient grains?   There is a big difference between the modern and ancient grains on the planet. After World War 2 […]

Digestive Health

– Why is our Digestive Health so important for our overall Health and Wellness?   The health of our gut affects 70 percent of our overall immune system function and […]


– What is consciousness and why is understanding Consciousness affecting your wellbeing? Understanding Consciousness is a challenging task and is perhaps one of our main quests here on planet earth. […]

Fuel vs. Structural Sugars

– What is the difference between Fuel vs. Structural Sugars?   Fuel sugars like sucrose and starches form carbohydrates get broken down for energy. However, did you know that there […]

Why We Need Health & Wellness Coaches

– Why is Health and Wellness Coaching important in these modern times?   We are in the information age; this shift and acceleration is changing our everyday lives as we […]

A Wellness Revolution’s Intro Webinars

– You are invited to join A Wellness Revolution’s   INTRO WEBINARS ⠀ Thursday, September 6th 2018   USA Eastern Time – 11 AM Netherlands, Amsterdam Time –  5 PM Registration […]

Sitting down with Karin Sauren

From orthomolecular medicine, to bioresonance therapy, Karin Sauren went on a quest to find greater health and wellness for herself as well as her son, Wesley, who was born with […]