Become a Certified Health & Wellness Coach

If you feel the need to alter your life’s course as well as the lives of others, please apply to our unique Health & Wellness Coaching Course. 

Come join us in this self-healing journey and become a Health & Wellness Coach with A Wellness Revolution..!    

During this 6 month course, you will explore new ways of thinking about wellness and be given additional tools that can help both you and your clients to transform. During this journey, you will learn to coach others in a holistic way and be offered new life changing methods of training the sub-conscious. Discover the world of entrepreneurship as this course explores the rise of social-entrepreneurship in general, the growing numbers of micro-entrepreneurs around the planet, as well as the role a Health & Wellness Coach plays within the entrepreneurial sphere.

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About the Course

The course is based upon the blended learning principle, where each student can learn in his or
her own time frame, assisted by his or her own tutor. The only dates that are fixed are the testing
dates. All lecture materials (presentations, videos, audio, pre-tests etc.) are on-line and are
accessible or can be viewed as much as necessary (log-in required).
373 Exercises

With more than 350 exercises you can be sure that you will know everything there is about Wellness

42 Hours

With over 40 hours of one on one training, you will have all the personal guidances you can wish for.

6 Months

Our course is spread over 6 months making sure you will get all the time you need

32+ Locations

With over 30 locations world wide there is always a place where you can follow our course

The Purpose

The purpose of this course is to help practitioners and all those interested in learning and developing coaching skill abilities based on holistic theories and the new sciences of Epigenetics and Glycobiology. In this course we look in depth at how are cells function and the connections that are made between mind, body and spirit. We will help you establish skills to create a coaching business and help you practice your skills for coaching.

A wellness revolution is committed to bringing new knowledge and understanding of the connections between the new science and a holistic vision of how to optimize health, wellness and balance through educational classes all over the world. The goals of our classes in the field are:

Learn All About

‘Rejuvenation” and “Healthy Aging”

Learn to help people understand the concept of “Prevention”, ‘Rejuvenation” and “Healthy Aging” through educating about how their bodies function and how to truly love and care for themselves.

Balance in all Areas

Learn to help people to achieve Health & Wellness (balance in all areas: emotionally, physically and spiritually) through education and coaching and referrals for healing.

The New Science of Glycobiology

Spread the new Science of Glycobiology on the planet and how to explain it’s importance for our health, wellness and transformation.

You should know…

Food has been altered for many years. Whether you are looking at wheat, animal products or vegetable or fruits come hear what has happened and what you can do about it. Little changes in your diet can make such a difference.
Come here about real solutions to our modern challenges. Solutions such a learning about a new science that helps understand how are cells repair and rejuvenate.

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The Science of Epigenetics and Glycobiology

You will learn about the new breakthroughs in Epigenetics and Glycobiology and how they are re-shaping the way we view wellness today. These ‘new sciences’ are helping us learn how our cells should function, and how food today is lacking essential nutrition that is effecting our wellbeing at cellular level.

This course is designed for anyone who would like to change and improve their life and feelings of wellness.  We welcome all who are looking to start on this new journey as a Wellness Coach, as well as for practitioners who would like to add value to their already existing clients and practices.

If you feel the need to alter your life’s course and that of others, this is the moment!

What people say about this course

“This course really gave me a new awareness. I now understanding more deeply how my body mind and spirit are integrated and from this realization I have been able to create a new way of living.

Since I took the course, my life is more in a flow and fulfilled. I am also more confident in using the tools I have learned to guide and coach my clients to find their life’s purpose and heal at all levels.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their life and start a new carrier. This course can tremendously help Practitioners coach and improve the lives of their clients.”

Maaike Driessen

DISCLAIMER: Our Health & Wellness Coaches do not treat, mitigate or cure disease. The Coaches will support lifestyle changes in a holistic way to help their clients improve their lives. For medical advice seek medical attention of your medical doctor. Limitation of Liability: The Wellness Coach Institute and A Wellness Revolution is not legally liable for misrepresentation or damages incurred by Wellness Coaches or class attendees who utilize recommended resources.
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