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Health & Wellness Coaching Course

Become a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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Become a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

If you feel the need to alter your life’s course as well as the lives of others, please apply to our unique Health & Wellness Coaching Course.

Come join us in this self-healing journey and become a Health & Wellness Coach with A Wellness Revolution..!

During this 6 month course, you will explore new ways of thinking about wellness and be given additional tools that can help both you and your clients to transform. During this journey, you will learn to coach others in a holistic way and be offered new life-changing methods of training the sub-conscious.

Discover the world of entrepreneurship as this course explores the rise of social entrepreneurship in general, the growing numbers of micro-entrepreneurs around the planet, as well as the role a Health & Wellness Coach plays within the entrepreneurial sphere.

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About the course

Learn about yourself, your body, and mind and help others. Life can be a transformational journey. Health and Wellness Coaches help their clients look at all areas of their life that affects their health. Areas such as your exercise patterns, relationships, career paths, food habits, nutrition choices, and how we nourish the essence of our spirit.

As human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving and sometimes we need to have help with this process. The world is coming to terms with the fact that being healthy and well is not something we can take for granted. Health and Wellness is not just about arriving at a destination, it is our own unique responsibility and is a lifelong process.

The course is based on blended learning principles, where each student can learn in his or her own time frame. Most of the lecture materials (presentations, videos, audio, pre-tests, etc.) are online and are accessible and can be viewed as much as necessary (login required). The online class will take place once a week, live.

The course will take 6-months and is offered twice a year – one starting in March and the other in September.


The course is based upon the blended learning principle, where each student can learn in his or her own time frame, assisted by his or her own tutor. All lecture materials (presentations, videos, audio, pre-tests etc.) are on-line and are accessible or can be viewed as much as necessary (log-in required). For more information click here to request our Course Outline with Schedule.

The next Health and Wellness Coaching Course starts September 15th, 2021

Participation in all Classes,Tests, Discussion Groups and Coaching Practice Classes is mandatory for graduation.

The entire course will be taught in English. The next course starts September 15th, 2021.

Class 1:

Welcome, Getting to know each other, Why Health & Wellness Coaching now, The Coaching Process and Digestion

15th September 2021

Class 2:

We are Spiritual and Emotional Beings, Belief Systems and the Subconscious, Ethics and Digestion

22nd September 2021

Class 3:

Health & Wellness Coaching

29th Sept. 2021  

Discussion Group 1

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework

Guest Speakers

6th October 2021

Disc.Test 1:

Discussion Test 1 Online Oral (2or 3 dates this week!) 

20th October 2021

Class 4:      

Weight Management 

27th October 2021

Class 5:

Health & Wellness Coaching Structure & Process, Relationships, Business, Entrepreneurship

3rd November 2021

Practice Coaching Class

Practice Coaching Sessions Class  (2 or 3 dates this week) 

10th November 2021

Class 6: 

Health & Wellness Coaching Structure, Certification, Professional Ethics, “What is Food?”, and Ethics/Supplementation

24th November 2021

Discussion Group 2 

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 2

Guest Speakers

1 st December 2021

Disc.Test  2:

Discussion Test 2 Online Oral (2/3 dates this week)   

8th December 2021

Class 7:

The New Time on the Planet and the Holistic Understanding with The New Sciences and Positive Psychology

15th December 2021

Class 8:

Understanding ours Cells Holistically, Creating Intentions, Goals & Action Plans

12th January 2022

Class 9:

Food, Digestions, Client-Centered Coaching, Accountability and Immunity

19th January 2022

Class 10:

Heart Health, Joint Health, Endocrine Health and Brain Health & The Coaching Process

26th January 2022

Discussion Group 3

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework

Guest Speakers

2nd February 2022

Disc.Test 3:

Discussion Test 3 Online Oral (2/3 dates this week)

9th February 2022

Practice Coaching: Class 11

Practice Coaching Sessions Class (2 or 3 dates this week)

16th February 2022


Wrap-Up and Certification

23rd February 2022

We will accept ongoing admission till September 30th, 2021. During the course, we do not treat, mitigate or cure disease or discuss companies or products.

Participation in all Classes,Tests, Discussion Groups and Coaching Practice Classes is mandatory for graduation.

Session 1 – October 6th, 2021

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 1

Live: Maaike Driessen: “Kinesiology (reprogramming) & Coaching”

Live: Roos van Monsjou: “Healthy Cooking”

Session 2 – December 1st, 2021

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 2

Live: Debby van der Plas: “Neuro-Feedback & Lifestyle Choices”

Live: Martine van Berckel: “EFT & Coaching”

Session 3 – February 2nd, 2022

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 3

Live: Lia Weijts & Yvonne Medd: “Posture and Movement”

Live:  Titia Licht  “Finding your Authentic Self – Become conscious of who you are, by awareness of reflection”

The full price of the online certified health and wellness coaching course is € 3200
We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. Therefore we also offer some discounts and payment plans to make it more accessible.

Early-Bird Discount (register by July 1st) – € 2.900
Student Discount (requires proof of current university enrollment) – € 2.700
To get a student discount coupon please email us at info@awellnessrevolution.com with a photo or PDF of your student card as an attachment

Besides our full rate, we offer to split it in two or three installments.

  • One installment of €3.200 without payment fee
  • Two installments of €1.600 with a payment fee of €30
  • Three installments of €1067 with a payment fee of €40
Please be mindful that extra charges incur if you do not wish to pay in euros.
Be sure to check your local currency for the exchange rate.

Exercises to know everything there is about Wellness
Hours of one-on-one personal guidance
Months of course to ensure continuous learning
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Coaches trained and certified worldwide by our professionals

The purpose of our course...

A Wellness Revolution is committed to providing education for Health and Wellness Coaches to develop a more holistic way of coaching, as they learn about the complexity of existence on all levels.

In this course, we look at how cells function and the connections that are made between the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We will help coaches establish skills much needed in all areas of healthcare.

After completing our course, coaches can begin to work towards their accreditation and use their new skills and certifications in the traditional medical field (hospitals, doctors practices, insurance companies) or the entrepreneurial sector, starting their own business.

Many of our students will use this new understanding of wellness to benefit their own lives and improve their existing careers.

Learn all about...

Health and Wellness Coaching Certification Matters

In today’s world, it is important that coaches are trained and certified to uphold the level of professionalism in the coaching industry.

Balance is Essential

Learn to help people achieve holistic wellness through balancing the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The New Sciences

Learn about the new sciences and realize how powerful we are in impacting our Health and Wellness.

Did You Know…

We have a choice of how we nourish and nurture ourselves daily.

Everything you put in your body and every experience you allow in your life impacts your holistic wellness.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, it is exciting to be able to coach clients and help them in their own unique self-discovering journeys.

What is our impact?

Our Coaches Provide Health and Wellness Classes to Local Communities Around the World

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Happy customers that took our class before you
Classes on different subjects to suit everyone's tastes
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Practitioners. Our diverse team grows every day
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Our course is for anyone that is trying to change their life...

We welcome all who are looking to start on this new journey as a Health and Wellness Coach.

We also welcome practitioners or other professionals who would like to develop their skills and add value to their already existing clients and practices.

If you feel the need to alter your life’s course and that of others, this is the moment!

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Learn how to become a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach!

Begin your transformational journey today and learn how you can become part of this amazing revolution in health. Turn your passion for health and wellness into a lucrative and fulfilling career helping others.

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