The world is in need of A Wellness Revolution - A Wellness Revolution

The world is in need of A Wellness Revolution

I founded A Wellness Revolution in 2018 after many years of helping people heal, find health, grow in confidence, self-reflect, and find their true-life path. I always believed in a world of light, happiness, and freedom. Instead, I have observed a world that was disconnected and fragmentated. I realized in my work, research, and study that, to heal the disconnections and to become whole and empowered we need to focus on all aspects of our being, body, mind, and spirit. For this reason, we train our students in a holistic way. 


I believe we are here on earth to explore and discover ourselves through our own creative stories and to become increasingly conscious and evolve.

In the past, we have been able to learn and discover through a dualistic energetic system. Today, the earth and the people are going through a tremendous transformation like they never have before. We are currently in the age of awakening and enlightenment. Enlightenment has to do with a process of the earth and the people quickly gaining more awareness. Awareness of what they have created and that they are “creators” of their own life. Victim-consciousness is slowly fading, and people are choosing a path of co-creation. This has required a leap in heart-based living. People are learning to appreciate their journeys in a much more compassionate way. I remember, years ago, when I started “waking-up” realizing how amazing each of us are for being willing to come here on earth and be vulnerable to such a dualistic, 3-D environment. We are all heroes for agreeing to come here and have these experiences in a world of much illusion and confusion. As the world is waking up, we are becoming clearer that our stories here on earth are not what they seem. This waking-up process helps us to see though illusions. As we see through these illusions, we become conscious of our true power and nature. We are spiritual beings, having a temporary physical experience. We are eternal beings.


Many years ago, I became aware of this great change, and I realized I would play my part in helping people transform. I decided my role would be to train people who wanted to be the leaders in the new ideas around Health and Wellness. I believe with such a dramatic shift happening, people will need personal care to transform all aspects of their lives. Through Health and Wellness Coaching, people can get one-on-one attention to change all areas of their lives that need awareness and personal self-reflection. Our organization, A Wellness Revolution, is committed to training new Health and Wellness Coaches in a holistic way focusing on all dimensions of body, mind and spiritual health and wellness. 


Health and Wellness coaching is a new, upcoming growing profession that is helping mainstream medicine to give more personal care, attention, and love. I have been a nurse for many years in the traditional health care system and have been greatly impacted by the lack of time we had as medical professionals to help the people to make real changes. Our worldly medical system, for the most part, has been illness-based and I believe part of the change we are experiencing will be to transform this system to a new way of thinking with a new consciousness of wellness, and a new system beyond our current reality.


“A Wellness Revolution”, an organization that I created, has developed a 6 Month course where we certify and train Health and Wellness Coached, twice a year. One begins in March and ends in early September, and one begins in September and ends in February. We have been granted two very important international certifications and one in the Netherlands: The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The Dutch accreditation by the organization BLCN. 


I believe, like all evolving professional organizations, Health and Wellness Coaching will become more regulated and there will be a need for certification to develop standards to develop standards to enter mainstream medicine. The need for Health and Wellness Coaches will become so high in the world we live in today that an increasing number of hospitals, doctors and medical centers will be hiring them to help people on a one-on-one basis with their health challenges. The role of Health and Wellness Coaches will be to work with clients to help and support them in changing their lifestyle and behavioral habits.


We train our students to develop proficient skills in coaching. We motivate the students to discover their personality qualities and personal strengths. We help them to define their purpose as they grow throughout the course in a stronger awareness of themselves and their environment.  

The course also brings important knowledge of the New Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience, and an understanding of the importance of the health and functioning of our cells for optimal wellbeing. We are only as healthy as our individual cells. The new science of Epigenetics is showing us that we are much more powerful than we used to think we are. We are not victims of our genes. Our lifestyle choices affect us on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. They affect our health at the cellular level and depending on what we choose will influence what genes get turned on and what genes get turned off. Glycoscience (Glycobiology) is the newest of the sciences and according to MIT:


“MIT’s Technology Review, February 2003, listed the study of glycobiology as one of “ten emerging technologies that will change the world.” 


Cellular health is only possible with effective cellular communication. Our cells actually talk to each other, communicating everything from what toxins are around them, what hormones and nutrition are needed, and what viruses or bacteria are potentially dangerous to name a few. To understand the power of how we have been disconnected, we must first to begin to understand that connection begins at the cellular level. We also look at the power and understanding of neuroscience and our health and wellbeing. Students learn the importance of thoughts, thought patterns, and emotions on our wellbeing and balance. Our thoughts and emotions can influence our mood, effectiveness, and happiness. Our balance or lack thereof will affect our spiritual wellbeing. 

We help our students understand how to use the spiritual laws that govern science. For instance, the law of vibration, or the law of alignment, governs our energetic world. 


The students love learning about the complexities and bio-individuality of

wellness. We believe in giving our students a lot of personal attention. We focus more on application, integration, and discussions in our testing process, and less on memorization. We give oral discussion group tests to help the students integrate and use the material in their coaching practices.


During the course we have discussion time that helps the student integrate material. The course is done live online, via Zoom, weekly (Wednesdays 2PM Amsterdam Time) We have a back office that is available 24 hours a day for self-study and review. We offer webinars, that potential new students can register for on our website ( We write monthly blogs and a newsletter. The link to subscribe is on our website.


We, as an organization, are active on YouTube, Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In January 2020 I have begun a YouTube channel where I offer monthly hour interviews with innovative people in the field of Health and Wellness, bringing personal solutions for challenges of our current time. Her YouTube channel also provides the audience with a chance to hear about fresh ideas, new scientific research, and a knowledge of holistic health. “I want to train thousands of students all over the world to have this new knowledge and help the world transform. 


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I believe currently on the planet we are experiencing a major awakening. A Wellness Revolution has been created to help with this transition. We are in our infancy, and we are continuing to grow and expand to help people in our community and around the world help with this process. As a Health and Wellness Coach I will never stop my quest to help the world transform. This is a tremendously exciting period in our history. The new earth is coming and will function very differently even beyond our current understanding of possibilities. Self-care is vital to this process of learning unconditional love. I will continue to encourage others with my team here to connect to their higher self and through increased consciousness become the best versions of themselves. In this way people will learn about the potentiality of abundance and manifestation.


One of the profound influences in my life was listening to Steve Jobs’ commencement speech about connecting the dots forward. He shared that day that many times you cannot connect all your life stories until at a later point, you look back and you can appreciate and understand the significance of all that you have experienced for the person you now have become. I believe in education for the purpose of increasing consciousness. One of the Chinese proverbs that I love is: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.


Cathleen Beerkens




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