A Wellness Revolution

Pricing & Payment Plans

The full price of the online Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching Course is € 3550 Inc. VAT

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone.

Therefore we also offer some discounts and payment plans to make it more accessible.

Available discounts

  • Student Discount (requires proof of current university enrollment) – € 2.900 Incl. VAT
To get a student discount coupon please email us at info@awellnessrevolution.com with a photo or PDF of your student card as an attachment

Our payment plans

Besides our full rate, we offer to split it in two or three installments.

  • One installment of €3.550 (Incl. VAT) without installment fee
  • Two installments of €1.775 (Incl. VAT) plus a one time administration fee of €30
  • Three installments of €1.183,33 (Incl. VAT) plus a one time administration fee of €40
Please be mindful that extra charges incur if you do not wish to pay in euros.
Be sure to check your local currency for the exchange rate.