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Why is Health and Wellness Coaching SO important?

Health and Wellness coaches are professional lifestyle practitioners. The world is reawakening to the long-established truth that prevention is better than cure. The visibility of health coaching is spreading across the medical and healthcare system and embedding itself in the mainstream in ways that were not considered possible just a few years ago. The concept that we are more in control of our own health- or disease-creating decisions is becoming vastly more accepted and understood. There is a tremendous and growing need for more certified health and wellness coaches, and A Wellness Revolution is playing its part in making this happen.

How can Health and Wellness Coaching support you in changing your story? Let’s ask this, ‘what kind of health challenges are you facing’? Weight imbalances? High blood pressure? Diabetes perhaps? Coaches can support clients on their journey towards taking charge of their own health and wellness. Tweaking certain lifestyle choices, for example, may help certain clients lower their blood pressure enough to stay out of a persistently high dangerous zone. Other clients may balance their sugar levels so consistently that they manage to avoid a diabetes diagnosis down the line.

These measures can also act as an aid to doctors and nurses, who are often over-worked and ‘forced’ to spend less and less time with patients. Health and Wellness coaches can support GPs and medical clinics by helping clients chart a course of action that encompasses nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep, and positive connections with the loving people that surround them. This is not only important, but vital.

Why is this Health and Wellness Coaching movement happening now? Membership in professional associations (like ICF, NBHWC, BLCN) is booming. Society is aching for higher quality healthcare. COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses in the system, and underlined the imperative for all of us to take better care of our immune systems. We need as many Health and Wellness coaches as we can muster, with all the requisite knowledge and skills, so that more and more people can embrace the opportunity to thrive that life gives us. Those of us in the system need to work together better, to share synergies across industry silos, and to keep the quality of our services at the highest level. And this is all happening. The question remains whether it will happen in time before medical care becomes more widely overburdened and unaffordable. I like to believe that A Wellness Revolution is meeting this need for a ramped-up Health and Wellness training program for coaches, which helps the optimist in me see the future looking significantly brighter.

Jeff Balch



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