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Listening, Silence and Coaching

To me, as a coach, the art of listening is the most important tool to support any client in their process. 


Before meeting with a client, for example, I like to sit quietly and take some time to meditate. During this mediation, I listen to my inner voice, thoughts and feelings, which allows me to become aware of where I am at this moment and enables me to be more available to what the client may bring to the meeting. By listening to my own inner state, I find myself more open and available to the client.


I also do a listening meditation sometimes, which can be a very helpful method that I recommend. Try setting a timer just before you begin. Sit comfortably (or in any other position that works for you) and simply listen to the surrounding sounds. Alternatively, you can turn on your favourite meditation music, as this can work equally well. Then, gently ‘tune into’ yourself; to your own “inner noise”. You may notice that you become focused on a train of thoughts, however, by sitting quietly and doing nothing, you can become the observer of this stream of ongoing thoughts and feelings. As you observe, you may notice new details, old familiar scenes or become aware of your body’s posture. Simply notice and go back to listening. Perhaps allow the surrounding sounds to guide and help you to stay in observation mode. 


This mindfulness is the quality that I like to bring to all my coaching sessions and meetings. It supports and helps me to remain present, be open and listen to the client. Similarly, it gives the client space to be open, to listen to themselves and to enter a space of self-discovery. 

What is your way for preparing for a coaching session or meeting?   


I stumbled upon this article in magazine that I found very helpful: 

“11 Ways Coaches Can Improve Their Active Listening And Connect With Their Clients“ [1]

and one of the best tips I found is # 11:  

“Use Listening ResponsesListening to you, I hear you say… lets the client know that they are being listened to and the focus is on them.” 


Abhi Brandt


[1] 11 Ways Coaches Can Improve Their Active Listening And Connect With Their Clients:



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