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What is accountability and why do people need it in order to change their behaviour?

Health and wellness is not something we can assume will simply ‘happen’ to us. We must actively pursue creating a life that is in alignment with health and wellness on all levels of body, mind and spirit. I know people who meditate for long periods of time every single day, yet suffer from serious illness on the physical level. I also know of people who work diligently to maintain a healthy body, yet feel unhappy and struggle with their emotional wellbeing. We need to be taught as young children the importance of self-care on all these levels in order to achieve the kind of health and wellness we seek. 

During this time of major change around the world, people are more aware than ever about their health, general wellbeing and overall happiness. As a nurse years ago, I recognised the importance, as well as the challenges that many patients had with consistent self-care. They often left the hospital without having the necessary support in place to hold themselves accountable for the changes they desperately needed to make. A good example would be weight management for diabetes and heart disease patients. Health and wellness coaches can be the perfect ‘bridge’ to help these individuals make the necessary changes by offering support and accountability. Coaches such as these can make all the difference between someone finding  increased health and wellbeing and someone falling back into the old habits that brought them towards ill-health in the first place!

Come join our important mission to help people change their lives and reach their optimal health and wellness goals, perhaps by offering the kind of accountability you may have wished you had at some point in your life..? 

 Cathleen Beerkens



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