Recognising Mental Illness

I see pain and stress in so many people around me, especially the young, and believe it’s primarily because of the forced way we are having to live our lives, […]

Constant Alertness, Stress and Weight

At the beginning of the new year many people wanted to improve their health as well as their weight.  Especially because we constantly hear that being overweight is an added risk […]

The Ripple Effect

January is a month for reflection. As the New Year begins, we tend to look back and evaluate our previous year while looking to the future, eagerly anticipating what the […]

The Importance of Fake News

We are living in a time of transformation. We and the ‘collective’ are faced with our own, as well as the world reality of tremendous change. During this time of […]

Changing our Mindset..?

‘The only person qualified to determine your worth is you’. ‘Change often takes time, it rarely happens all at once’. ‘You are never asking for too much when you are […]

The Power of Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology, or positive thinking, is nothing more than the (scientific) study of ordinary human strengths and virtues [1]. Another definition that exists describes the concept as ‘the scientific study […]