The Power of Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology, or positive thinking, is nothing more than the (scientific) study of ordinary human strengths and virtues [1]. Another definition that exists describes the concept as ‘the scientific study of what makes life most worth living[2]’.

It was only until recently that I came across ‘Positive Psychology’. Despite being unfamiliar with the term, it immediately grabbed my attention and as I began researching it more, I discovered that I was actually applying it in my daily life without even realising, which means that there’s a pretty good chance that you are too! Becoming more mindfully aware of the practical applications of this concept can raise your positivity and help lead you to a happier life!

One main reason for incorporating ‘Positive Psychology’ into one’s daily life is that surprisingly little effort can reap substantial results. Positive thinking can help with stress management and even offer some major health benefits [3].

The meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning in life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment – Viktor E. Frankl (1959)

Start by thinking about what makes your life worth living, acknowledging your strengths and virtues, and try to have a positive approach towards basically everything in life. The process of a more positive way of thinking is easy, but it takes time and practice until you are able to enjoy the full benefits.

Hopefully, these words have inspired you to take a deeper look into the concept of positive psychology and positive thinking. I’d like to wrap things up with my three favourite ways to ‘level up’ one’s daily dose of positivity. First and foremost, surround yourself with positive people because, according to Jim Rohn, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Secondly, practice positive self-talk. Don’t say anything to yourself that you would not say to anyone else. Lastly, actively express gratitude for everything you are thankful for in life.

P O S I T I V E  V I B E S – P O S I T I V E  M I N D – P O S I T I V E  L I F E

Laurien Damen

[1] Why Positive Psychology Is Necessary by Kennon M. Sheldon & Laura King (2001)

[2] Meaning and Positive Psychology by Christopher Peterson & Nansook Park (2014)

[3] Positive thinking: Stop negative self-talk to reduce stress. (2020, 21 January). Mayo Clinic.

What you feed… grows!

Since the beginning of March, the Coronavirus has affected the Netherlands and influenced our lives in a way no one could ever have imagined or even believed was possible.

In the first two weeks, I think we were all in shock!

I then realised something strange was happening to me, personally. From having always been an optimistic and positive person who loved life, I was turning into an anxious person, fearful of what was yet to come.

I recognised that this was definitely not me. That being bombarded with the negativity of the outside world was pre-occupying my mind and this ongoing stream of ‘bad’ news was not serving me.

It was at this point that I made a decision…

In an effort to no longer be the sad, fearful and nervous person I had turned into, I had to make some changes in my life. I had to get back in touch with the happy person inside of me each morning when I woke up.

I felt a need to be more conscious of the thoughts I was having throughout the day and let go of the negative ones by consciously picking positive thoughts instead.

I decided to restrict the time that I watched or listened to the news and make a concerted effort to try and re-focus my mind onto positive things, whether a thought or an action.

I decided to look at all the positive things around me that were also happening during these challenging times and yet, were not being covered by the media, like the growing feeling of unity and support that was giving so many people hope. The idea of living and enjoying life as we always had done, accepting and adapting to these changed circumstances, yet trying to find joy in it; daring to enjoy it, and allowing ourselves to have fun!

Using this time to also reflect on life. Asking ourselves, what has supported me?  What would I like to preserve or release and what would I like to manifest, develop, and visualise?

If you incorporate and focus more on ‘I’d like to’ or ‘I need to’ in your life, you will invariably experience much more positivity and happiness in and around you, because what you feed… grows..!

The choice is yours to make!

 Martine Visser ‘t Hooft

Why moving the body is so important

As a holistic Health and Wellness Coach and a specialist in posture, movement and motor skills, I would like to highlight the importance of moving the body – especially now! During the present virus scare, many of us are finding ourselves working from home, and this invariably means many hours behind a computer, which can bring with it all sorts of increased stress levels.

When we think of movement, we tend to think of sports and the positive relationship between exercise and weight management. They are, of course, strongly related but the importance of moving our bodies goes far beyond that.

Body: Did you know that when you move your body, you are strengthening your muscles, improving bone density, lubricating your joints and improving your motor skills? Moving the body allows the blood to flow freer and improves the lymph system, which is so important for our immunity. Moving the body also has a very positive effect on the whole digestive system, making bowel movements easier and possibly more frequent. All of these aspects of movement are incredibly important for the body to function optimally.

Spirit: Movement allows energy to flow throughout the body and our chakras can become more aligned. Moving increases the level of ‘feel-good hormones’, like dopamine and serotonin, which helps us feel happier and more relaxed. It is even known to help soften pain, as odd as that may sound. Many of us know that feeling after a particularly hard or tiring day of work – when we decide to do that workout or go to that yoga class anyway… We often feel so relaxed, happy and energized afterward. Even though we may feel physically tired, our brains often don’t! Sleep tends to be deeper and more relaxed so that we wake up restored and rejuvenated the following morning.

Mind: Our minds and brains function better during and after some form of movement. Professor C. Hillman has found that the brain actually slows down when we are sitting still. Movement increases brain activity, and this supports improved communication within the brain, as well as, a more balanced hormonal system. In other words, we can feel better and become smarter – simply by moving our body..!

NOTE: So please keep moving your body every day – especially now with this pandemic! Walk-in nature if you can (preferably your own garden if you have one), go on your bicycle (but keep your distance from others), follow a Yoga class online, run up and downstairs, jump rope – be creative in any way that you can.
Even little movement breaks behind your computer are already a great help – like making circular motions with your shoulders a few times, standing up and sitting down again several times in a row; make a cycling motion with your legs on the floor, move your pelvis from front to back, or do simple stretches. EVERYTHING HELPS!

Lia Weijts

Do We Need To Be Taking Supplements?

If we eat a healthy diet, we will get all the vitamins and minerals we need, right? Or not? In a perfect, clean and stress-free world, this would be the case.

Several studies show that during the last century, the amount of nutrition in our food has been declining due to factors like soil depletion, green harvesting and food processing.

The use of pesticides and modern farming practices is depleting the soil. Minerals, that once were abundant in our soil, are missing and, therefore, cannot be absorbed by the vegetables that we grow and eat.

Similarly, the sun is responsible for helping to ripen oranges and increase the amount and strength of the natural Vitamin C they contain. In order for oranges to be transported all over the world in an economically efficient way, however, they are often harvested early, therefore, starving them of the sun needed to grow and ripen the oranges so that they are rich with vitamin C.

Furthermore, when food is processed, most of the nutrition is removed.

The amount of nutrients required for optimal function varies, of course, per individual and is dependent on factors like stress and the toxins that we are exposed to. It seems that most people require more, not fewer nutrients nowadays.

Add this all up and you get fewer nutrients in our food yet more nutrients are required, due to the current environmental situation. It would seem, therefore, that supplements are a necessity rather than a luxury.

When you take supplements or decide to start taking supplements, be aware of the difference between natural and synthetic supplements. They are not the same. Please come to our class or course to learn more about it!

Karin Sauren

Message of Health & Hope

Dear All,

Last week I felt the internal calling to help as many people as possible by sharing my knowledge and wisdom about health.

I wanted to help people in these crazy times. Where fear is lurking around the corner. I instantly created an online Masterclass where I share practical tips on how to boost your immune system in a natural way.

I explain the importance of a neutral mindset if you have difficulties with staying positive these days. The mind, body, spirit approach to health and what you can do to boost your immune system.

This is the recording of the first time I gave the Masterclass in English. Here and there some spelling errors, but, hey, you got to start somewhere. “Imperfect action, beats perfect inaction.”

You can start with all these things right now. From your home. Take good care of yourself and spread this message of Health and Hope.

Roos van Monsjou

Are Lemons Too Good To Be True..?

Most of us would agree that a lemon and its juice is a beneficial ingredient in any healthy ‘diet’ and lifestyle. We’ve known for years that its juice is effective in both weight management, as well as for detoxifying the body. However, is that all there is to this vibrant vitamin C containing citrus fruit?

Apparently, research has proven that the peel of a lemon is far more nutritious than its juice and it contains all sorts of compounds that can help fight against many diseases [1]. And the best way to harvest these amazing benefits? Freeze the lemons and then grate the frozen peel and eat it [1].

“The frozen peels have essential compounds that boost the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels and prevent cancer development. They are rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B6, C and E, iron, zinc, potassium, fibre and protein as well. They also contain flavonoids and limonoids that are known to strengthen the cells and fight free radicals. Studies have shown positive results in fighting tumours, diabetes, regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure and also promote weight loss” [1].

My first thought when I read this? Make a shopping list with ORGANIC LEMONS ‘front and center’ – and remember to add freezer bags to the list too..!

Jeanneke Douwes


[1] “Health Benefits of Eating Frozen Lemons: Frozen Lemons to Cure Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity: Why Freezing Lemons.” The Times of India, The Times of India, 25 Jan. 2019,

Why do we need to nourish our spirit?

Why do we need to nourish our spirit?


Most people realize they need to nourish their body with good food. Few realize that we also need to nourish our spirit. Most people are not fully aware that beyond the physical expression of our bodies we are made of energy. This energy field that is uniquely ours, incarnates for a short time in the body to experience life on planet Earth as we know it.

When people become more conscious of who they are, and realize the beauty and importance of being incarnate, they start to realize that they are really energy. As a nurse, I realized as I watched people die, that when they died their spirit actually lifts from their bodies. Watching this process over and over again made me realize that we never actually die. I have come to understand that all people need to care not just for their bodies, but to also take responsibility for their spiritual wellbeing.

They need to find their purpose and their passion in order to lead a fulfilled life.

We nourish our spirit by realizing that we actually can give ourselves everything we need.

We nourish our spirit by loving ourselves and connecting to our spiritual world. This may be through religion, however it does not have to be. Health and Wellness Coaches help their clients heal by learning also to care for their spiritual bodies not just their physical ones.




Why choose A Wellness Revolution?

Why choose A Wellness Revolution?

Dear future coach,

Hi! I’m Cathleen Beerkens. It’s great to connect with you here.

As I was working in the fields of nursing and education I have seen the reality of imbalances people struggle with on the mind, body and spirit levels. 

These imbalances, I’ve come to find, can all be traced to the same roots in this modern age we’re living in. We will get to that.

First, let’s get something clear right away- the earth is SHIFTING.

Is it normal to feel tired and have chronic headaches? Is it normal to have brain fog and have difficulty concentrating, and is it normal to have so many digestive issues? We need to take a look at this reality and ask ourselves, “Could we be doing better?”

How can we live out our full potential when we are not feeling well and fully alive?

Many can feel it, but for some of us, it can be hard to accept the changes we are currently experiencing on the planet.

The food we eat has been altered and is deficient in nutrition.  Many of us are experiencing nutritional deficiencies that are affecting our cellular health that we are not aware of.

The very foundation of our food has been altered and our cellular health has been compromised. Our culture, especially Western culture, also breeds disconnection between mind and spirit. This affects the base level of consciousness of humanity as well as how we function in our bodies on a daily basis. This disconnection is the root of all of our illnesses experienced on the planet today. We are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from the earth, and disconnected from each other.


Now, there is some incredibly exciting news.

 At the same time, our consciousness is shifting on planet earth. Some of us are waking up to the reality that we create our lives on all levels.

Yes, this does mean that on some level we have allowed this lack of nutrition and therefore allowed this lack of cellular wellbeing. But it also empowers us to change it.

This Health and Wellness Coaching Course looks to the new sciences of Epigenetics and Glycobiology to help us answer how we can change our health for the better.

It is a very exciting time to be alive.


We can now begin to grasp that becoming healthy and treating ourselves well on a mind, body, and spiritual level is at the core of our success during the Earth’s shift.

Come join us on our journey to discover and explore what it means to live a life of thriving and not just surviving.

Come spend time learning what helping people in the new time on the planet looks like.

Come learn why holistic Health and Wellness Coaching is so important for the transition and shift in Consciousness we are experiencing.

Come- you are welcome here. You are in the right place. This is your sign, are you ready to begin the journey?

As the old systems are breaking down and the new systems are being created, people are in need of re-inventing not only the systems that no longer serve us by looking inward, we must re-invent ourselves to prepare for the next level. It’s really about re-wiring your brain for health, and this course will teach you how to do that, so that you can, in turn, teach others to re-wire themselves.


You are the way-shower.

Health and Wellness Coaches will be a critical part of helping people make these changes and adapt themselves to this most amazing time on this planet.

You are in the right place. You are just who the Earth has been waiting for.


With all my support,

Cathleen Beerkens

Founder of A Wellness Revolution



What are Ancient Grains

What are Ancient Grains?


According to the Whole Grains Council, “we generally define ancient grains loosely as grains that are largely unchanged over the last several hundred years.”


“Ancient Grains.” Ancient Grains | The Whole Grains Council,


These ancient grains are generally less processed than modern, more refined grains and, therefore, contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Similarly, most of these ancient grains do not contain the altered modern-day gluten. “…studies have linked ancient grain consumption to health benefits, such as lower heart disease risk, better blood sugar control, and improved digestion.”


Raman, Ryan. 12 Healthy Ancient Grains, Healthline, 24 May 2019,


Many people have noticed a change in how they feel when they replace these modern grains with ancient ones. As Health & Wellness Coaches, we work with clients on their food choices and with these dietary grain changes, they have noticed an increase in energy, improved concentration, and less digestive complaints. Some of the more common ancient grains are kamut, emmer, teff, millet, and amaranth, to name but a few. It is also possible to replace modern wheat with other gluten-free options, for example, rice, oats, buckwheat, and quinoa.

Modern vs. Ancient Grains

What is the difference between the modern and ancient grains?


There is a big difference between the modern and ancient grains on the planet. After World War 2 there was a change in the way the seeds were manufactured for wheat production. The government gave subsidies to farmers in order to hybridize wheat. The reason behind this was to meet the need for the increased supply and demand for the growing world population.


The definition of hybridization is:

“Hybrid Wheat is a cross between two, carefully selected, pure lines. Each hybrid variety, therefore, has genes from both parent varieties.”


“HYBRID WHEAT.” Cropco, 25 May 2017,


According to Larry Law, “Most of today’s wheat is a product of ‘ultra-hybridization’.
Furthermore, he adds, ‘Here’s the million-dollar question; do you know anyone who’s allergic to gluten today?… Wheat is mostly carbohydrate, with only 10 to 15% being protein. But 80% of that protein is gluten.”


Law, Larry. There’s an Elephant in the Room Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health. Angies Option, Inc. GRM, 2017.


Therefore, the consequence has been significant for our bodies. Most of us have difficulties in digesting this new strain of wheat as it is unrecognizable to our systems. This has a big impact on our digestive system and the way we can absorb and digest the modern grain. This can cause an inflammatory effect for many people in the lining of the gut which over time can lead to leaky gut and bowel issues. As a Health and Wellness Coach, it is important to be able to help your clients with the well-being of their gut, as ‘the gut’ has a major impact on our immune system and how well it functions. Health and Wellness Coaches will take a holistic view of digestion and help clients with lifestyle changes that can impact their digestion and well-being.