Why is Health and Wellness Coaching important in our modern times?   - A Wellness Revolution

Why is Health and Wellness Coaching important in our modern times?  

We are in the information age and this shift and acceleration is changing our everyday lives as we presently know it. Within a very short time robots will be taking over many of the jobs’ humans are doing. What kind of impact will this have for all of us here on planet earth? 


The consequence is rapid change and with this change will come on one hand excitement and more freedom, and on the other hand chaos and transition. As the old systems are breaking down and new and improved systems are trying to be created, we need to not only redefine the systems that used to serve us, but even more importantly we may need to look at reinventing ourselves as well! Re-evaluate the way we think, feel, and react to things around us.  


According to Neuroscientists, being able to break a habit is primarily about re-wiring our brain.  Health and Wellness Coaches can become a critical part in helping people make these changes and transitions, as people try to adapt during this tumultuous yet amazing time on this planet.

Cathleen Beerkens



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