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Mission and Vision Statement

A Wellness Revolution

 is committed to provide education, train and certify Health and Wellness Coaches
in a holistic way, as we integrate the understanding and complexity
of the connections between the Body, Mind and Spirit. Our Certified Health & Wellness Coaches will bring this new understanding, as they coach, in all areas of our global society.

We are committed

to bring knowledge of the New Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Glycoscience, to bring an understanding of the importance of the health and wellness of our cells to our wellbeing.

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A Wellness Revolution was created to bring new information and understanding to help this transition as we develop leaders that can coach in a more holistic way.

Our trained Certified Health and Wellness coaches learn the significance of the cellular level on all levels of body, mind, and spirit so that they can bring their clients a much deeper, more robust definition of self-care.

What do holistic coaches do?

Transformation and change are all around us and as our technological environment rapidly evolves so must we.

The healthcare and the wellness industries are in this shift and are changing. Health and Wellness Coaches come to help with that change. 

Our students are taught to Coach holistically, helping their clients to make lifestyle and behavioral changes. We also expose them to the new evolving and developing sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience to help them further understand that change.

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It is inevitable that the foundation of building a revolution is not as simple as organizing a dinner party, or penning down an essay, or painting another replica of artisans, or even doing embroidery. A revolution is like making a new tapestry that repatterns and changes the energy and direction of one creative expression into another. In a conversation with Cathleen Beerkens, the founder of A Wellness Revolution, she shares with us the insights of her professional and personal milestones that have been the basis of helping to create a new paradigm shift of change from an illness-driven medical system towards a system based on health and wellness.

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Our course is the leading education in holistic coaching and cellular wellbeing focusing on the sciences of –

Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Glycoscience.

To know everything there is about Wellness

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Trained and certified worldwide by our professionals

Sugar Code of Life

Glycoscience is the study of how sugars on the outside of every cell of our body communicate.

Consciousness Class

At this time on the planet, there is a big opportunity for developing our consciousness.

A Wellness Journey

We are all on our own unique wellness journey and it is important to learn to take care of ourselves in a holistic way.

Lifestyle Choices

Health and Wellness Coaches help you to determine goals and strategies to change these habits and lifestyle choices to improve your gut health.

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