A Wellness Revolution

Our accreditations

After completion of the course, you will receive 63 points towards an ACSTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

After completing our course, you will have enough points to apply for your ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

You will need to complete the following after Graduation:

This is the first level of credentialing and you will need a total of 100 hours of client coaching experience to begin after completing the course

Other requirements:

  • 10 hours of Coaching from an ICF coach who has reached an ACC status for 3 years
  • A performance evaluation (recording of 30 minutes) between you as a coach and a client.
  • A passing of a Coach Knowledge Assessment Test

KTNO or Kwaliteit en Toetsing Natuurgerichte Opleidingen is a Dutch organization and Online Platform for Quality assurance for schooling and training in the complementary field of healthcare.

When Dutch practitioners and therapists are members of a Dutch professional organization they can apply for points for Continuing Education for taking our course.

(82 SBU) ( 3 EC)


CMA stands for Complimentary Medical Association.

If you live in the UK, Ireland and Scotland and you complete our course and you can apply for membership of CMA and if you are already a member of CMA than you can count 88 CPD points for Continuing Education.

A Wellness Revolution is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)

Our course is accredited by BLCN – Beroepsvereniging Leefstijlcoaches Nederland – a Dutch association for lifestyle coaches, with knowledge on both lifestyle and coaching.

You can apply for a BLCN membership when graduating for our course combined with a HBO diploma. 

The Dutch basic health insurance will reimburse BLCN-registered coaches for some Combined Lifestyle Intervention (GLI – Gecombineerde Leefstijlinterventie) programs.

Advantages of Membership

  • There is the possibility for a collective profession- and company liability insurance for lifestyle coaches in the NL
  • Participation in a collective health insurance is possible
  • You increase your network by participating to activities and online community
  • You demonstrate that you meet the professional profile of the hbo lifestyle coach
  • You qualify to participate as lifestyle coach in the pilot of the group coaching program “Coaching on Lifestyle (CooL)” for people with obesity, reimbursed by the healthcare insurance
What else does the BLCN do?
  • Promoting the accession to the association by lifestyle coaches with demonstrable hbo working and thinking level
  • Providing written and oral information about the profession of these lifestyle coaches
  • Organizing activities for members
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with governments and institutes and providing requested and unsolicited advice
  • Participation in (government) commissions that aim to draw up guidelines, regulations and legal provisions applicable for this association, its working area and/or its activities
  • Maintaining media contacts
  • Striving for reimbursement of lifestyle coaches by healthcare insurance companies and other institutions
  • Facilitating and registering and accreditation of lifestyle coaches on hbo level
  • Stimulating, organizing and initiating activities aimed to improve the professional and business economic aspects of the business operations of lifestyle coaches on hbo level
  • Other legal means which are conducive to the objective of the association
The subscription fee is €185,- excl. 21% BTW