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Why moving the body is so important

As a holistic Health and Wellness Coach and a specialist in posture, movement and motor skills, I would like to highlight the importance of moving the body – especially now! During the present virus scare, many of us are finding ourselves working from home, and this invariably means many hours behind a computer, which can bring with it all sorts of increased stress levels.

When we think of movement, we tend to think of sports and the positive relationship between exercise and weight management. They are, of course, strongly related but the importance of moving our bodies goes far beyond that.

Body: Did you know that when you move your body, you are strengthening your muscles, improving bone density, lubricating your joints and improving your motor skills? Moving the body allows the blood to flow freer and improves the lymph system, which is so important for our immunity. Moving the body also has a very positive effect on the whole digestive system, making bowel movements easier and possibly more frequent. All of these aspects of movement are incredibly important for the body to function optimally.

Spirit: Movement allows energy to flow throughout the body and our chakras can become more aligned. Moving increases the level of ‘feel-good hormones’, like dopamine and serotonin, which helps us feel happier and more relaxed. It is even known to help soften pain, as odd as that may sound. Many of us know that feeling after a particularly hard or tiring day of work – when we decide to do that workout or go to that yoga class anyway… We often feel so relaxed, happy and energized afterward. Even though we may feel physically tired, our brains often don’t! Sleep tends to be deeper and more relaxed so that we wake up restored and rejuvenated the following morning.

Mind: Our minds and brains function better during and after some form of movement. Professor C. Hillman has found that the brain actually slows down when we are sitting still. Movement increases brain activity, and this supports improved communication within the brain, as well as, a more balanced hormonal system. In other words, we can feel better and become smarter – simply by moving our body..!

NOTE: So please keep moving your body every day – especially now with this pandemic! Walk-in nature if you can (preferably your own garden if you have one), go on your bicycle (but keep your distance from others), follow a Yoga class online, run up and downstairs, jump rope – be creative in any way that you can.
Even little movement breaks behind your computer are already a great help – like making circular motions with your shoulders a few times, standing up and sitting down again several times in a row; make a cycling motion with your legs on the floor, move your pelvis from front to back, or do simple stretches. EVERYTHING HELPS!

Lia Weijts



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