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Why is our Emotional Processing Center (Our Digestive System) so important?

One of the reasons we are here on planet earth is to learn about emotions. To learn how to manage and understand them. Emotions are like our compass, they let us know how we’re actually doing. When we ignore our compass, however, and don’t acknowledge our true feelings, we are actually denying part of ourselves. 


We are here on earth to learn. Earth is like a school of all different kinds of experiences and we feel our way through our life stories. Our digestive system, therefore, offers us a way of processing these experiences. Just like we take in food and digest it, so too do we take in our life experiences and digest them, through our emotions. In other words, the digestive system is rather like our own ‘avenue of transformation’. 


Truly understanding this concept is part of what we, at A Wellness Revolution, train our Health and Wellness Coaches to appreciate, comprehend and be fully conscious of. Through this awareness, our coaches can help teach their clients how to better handle and guide both their emotional health, as well as their physical digestion.


Cathleen Beerkens



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