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Why do we need to nourish our spirit?

Why do we need to nourish our spirit?

Most people realize they need to nourish their body with good food. Few realize that we also need to nourish our spirit. Most people are not fully aware that beyond the physical expression of our bodies we are made of energy. This energy field that is uniquely ours, incarnates for a short time in the body to experience life on planet Earth as we know it.

When people become more conscious of who they are, and realize the beauty and importance of being incarnate, they start to realize that they are really energy. As a nurse, I realized as I watched people die, that when they died their spirit actually lifts from their bodies. Watching this process over and over again made me realize that we never actually die. I have come to understand that all people need to care not just for their bodies, but to also take responsibility for their spiritual wellbeing.

They need to find their purpose and their passion in order to lead a fulfilled life.

We nourish our spirit by realizing that we actually can give ourselves everything we need.

We nourish our spirit by loving ourselves and connecting to our spiritual world. This may be through religion, however it does not have to be. Health and Wellness Coaches help their clients heal by learning also to care for their spiritual bodies not just their physical ones.



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