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Why choose A Wellness Revolution?

Why choose A Wellness Revolution?

Dear future coach,

Hi! I’m Cathleen Beerkens. It’s great to connect with you here.

As I was working in the fields of nursing and education I have seen the reality of imbalances people struggle with on the mind, body and spirit levels. 

These imbalances, I’ve come to find, can all be traced to the same roots in this modern age we’re living in. We will get to that.

First, let’s get something clear right away- the earth is SHIFTING.

Is it normal to feel tired and have chronic headaches? Is it normal to have brain fog and have difficulty concentrating, and is it normal to have so many digestive issues? We need to take a look at this reality and ask ourselves, “Could we be doing better?”

How can we live out our full potential when we are not feeling well and fully alive?

Many can feel it, but for some of us, it can be hard to accept the changes we are currently experiencing on the planet.

The food we eat has been altered and is deficient in nutrition.  Many of us are experiencing nutritional deficiencies that are affecting our cellular health that we are not aware of.

The very foundation of our food has been altered and our cellular health has been compromised. Our culture, especially Western culture, also breeds disconnection between mind and spirit. This affects the base level of consciousness of humanity as well as how we function in our bodies on a daily basis. This disconnection is the root of all of our illnesses experienced on the planet today. We are disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from the earth, and disconnected from each other.


Now, there is some incredibly exciting news.

 At the same time, our consciousness is shifting on planet earth. Some of us are waking up to the reality that we create our lives on all levels.

Yes, this does mean that on some level we have allowed this lack of nutrition and therefore allowed this lack of cellular wellbeing. But it also empowers us to change it.

This Health and Wellness Coaching Course looks to the new sciences of Epigenetics and Glycobiology to help us answer how we can change our health for the better.

It is a very exciting time to be alive.


We can now begin to grasp that becoming healthy and treating ourselves well on a mind, body, and spiritual level is at the core of our success during the Earth’s shift.

Come join us on our journey to discover and explore what it means to live a life of thriving and not just surviving.

Come spend time learning what helping people in the new time on the planet looks like.

Come learn why holistic Health and Wellness Coaching is so important for the transition and shift in Consciousness we are experiencing.

Come- you are welcome here. You are in the right place. This is your sign, are you ready to begin the journey?

As the old systems are breaking down and the new systems are being created, people are in need of re-inventing not only the systems that no longer serve us by looking inward, we must re-invent ourselves to prepare for the next level. It’s really about re-wiring your brain for health, and this course will teach you how to do that, so that you can, in turn, teach others to re-wire themselves.


You are the way-shower.

Health and Wellness Coaches will be a critical part of helping people make these changes and adapt themselves to this most amazing time on this planet.

You are in the right place. You are just who the Earth has been waiting for.


With all my support,

Cathleen Beerkens

Founder of A Wellness Revolution





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