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What Would a Health Care System focused on ‘Wellness’ look like..?

Dr Jason Loken began his career as a registered Massage Therapist many years ago in Canada. Some personal health challenges guided him towards the fields of Osteopathy and Naturopathy. Having found successful relief in these areas, his thirst for knowledge nudged him in the direction of quantum mechanics as well as quantum physics. Both of these areas proved to be the proverbial ‘game changers’ as they encouraged Dr Loken to look at Integrative Medicine through a more ‘quantum mechanic’ lens or perspective, if you will. It’s also what inspired his Inspire Health Podcast.

His Integrative Medicine approach discusses the history of our current health care system. Why is the system like it is and illness driven? He also discusses what a ‘wellness’ driven system could look like and how amazing it would be for our health and wellbeing.

Listen to this fascinating interview with A Wellness Revolution’s founder, Cathleen Beerkens and Dr Jason Loken.

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