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What is Accountability and what role can Health and Wellness Coaches play?

Health and Wellness is not something we can assume will simply happen. We need to work at it by making conscious decisions every day that help support all levels of our body, mind, and spirit. Just because someone meditates daily, doesn’t mean that they aren’t suffering somehow. Similarly, just because someone works hard at trying to maintain a healthy body doesn’t mean that they don’t struggle with their emotional wellbeing.

Ideally, we need to be taught the importance of self-care as young children. At this time of major change in the world, people are looking to become happier and healthier more than ever. As a nurse many years ago, I recognized the importance and challenges patients were experiencing with maintaining some form of self-care. They would leave the hospital without the support they needed in order to hold themselves accountable for the changes they needed to make. An example of this would be weight management for diabetes and heart disease.

This is where coaching can be an invaluable aid. Health and Wellness Coaches can act as the bridge to help people make these changes by offering them continued support and accountability. That’s why I am such a firm believer in the positive impact health and wellness coaches can have on society as a whole these days. It is one of the reasons I developed and launched my 6-month Certified Health and Wellness Coaching Course. Come join this important mission to help people change and reach their goals to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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