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Chapter One: You Are a Creator

This chapter sets the stage by empowering readers with the understanding that they are the creators of their own reality. It lays the foundational belief in personal power and responsibility for one’s life and well-being.

Chapter Two: The Art of Manifestation and Digestion

Exploring the connections between the physical process of digestion and the metaphysical process of manifestation, this chapter draws parallels that encourage readers to consider how they ‘digest’ both nutrients and life experiences.

Chapter Three: Our Unique Templates and Storylines

Focusing on the individuality of each person’s life journey, this chapter discusses how our unique experiences and genetic makeup contribute to our personal and collective narratives.

Chapter Four: The Illusion of Separation and Disconnection

This chapter challenges the notion of separation between the self and others, the environment, and the universe at large, proposing a more interconnected view of existence.

Chapter Five: Consciousness

Delving into the concept of consciousness, this section explores its role in shaping our reality and how expanding our consciousness can lead to more profound health and well-being.

Chapter Six: Energy

Energy, in its various forms, is the focus of this chapter, highlighting how understanding and harnessing different energies can facilitate healing and creation.

Chapter Seven: Epigenetics

This chapter introduces the revolutionary field of epigenetics, explaining how our environment and choices can influence our genetic expression and, consequently, our health.

Chapter Eight: Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Building on the previous chapter, this section delves deeper into how individual genetic differences affect nutritional needs and how this knowledge can be applied for optimal health.

Chapter Nine: Glycoscience

Exploring the science of sugars and their critical role in cellular communication and function, this chapter highlights the importance of glycoscience in health and disease prevention.

Chapter Ten: The Biology of Consciousness

Linking consciousness with biology, this chapter discusses how our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions can materially affect our physical bodies and health.

Chapter Eleven: Quantum Reality and Multidimensional Living

Introducing concepts from quantum physics, this chapter explores the implications of quantum reality for personal transformation and the creation of one’s reality.

Chapter Twelve: Creating New Systems

This chapter looks at the need for new systems in health, society, and technology that align with the holistic and interconnected understanding of reality presented in the book.

Chapter Thirteen: The New Earth

The final chapter envisions a future where the principles and insights from the book are applied on a global scale, leading to a new era of health, well-being, and harmonious co-creation.

“Your Creator Matrix” is not just a book; it’s a roadmap for those looking to profoundly understand their potential to shape their health, their lives, and the world around them. Through a blend of scientific insight, personal narrative, and practical advice, Beerkens offers a comprehensive guide to anyone ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Join us in New York or Amsterdam for the book launch!

New York | March 11th:

Amsterdam | April 29th:

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