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The Importance of Fake News

We are living in a time of transformation. We and the ‘collective’ are faced with our own, as well as the world reality of tremendous change. During this time of ‘awakening’, we are experiencing a great deal of pain and fear from the past that we need to clear and release. Because of this, the world seems chaotic and out of control at this time. This is the shift towards change. 


Each of us is in alignment with our own truth but, what is truth? This is the question the world is wrestling with. We are coming to understand that our beliefs are not the beliefs of others. What seems true for us may not be true for our brother, sister, or neighbor. As human beings, we seek connection and we try to find it in the truths that connect us, but if our truths are based on beliefs, are they really true?


Eventually, each one of us will let go of old beliefs and our truths may change. We will view our neighbors’ beliefs with more compassion. We will become clearer and more focused on new ideas as we grow, change, expand our vision, and embark on our unique journey in this amazing time. We need to let go of all that we were and everything in our belief systems that no longer serve us. The new time is coming. Eventually, fake news will be more obviously ‘NO NEWS’ to more and more people, as they make this shift and, as they develop they see more.


Cathleen Beerkens (Founder)



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