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The Beauty and Calm in Meditation

I was drawn to meditation from an early age. Sitting in our small village church, I can still see myself, looking at the (then) huge stain glass window with its myriad of bright colours shining on me and being deeply inspired by the silence. My favourite pastime was spending time in the woods, watching the light filtering through the trees.

What was this all about? What was I looking for? And how is it that so many people have been drawn to meditation nowadays that it has become a mainstream practice? I believe it has something to do with a search for greater connection as human beings living here, on planet earth. A connection that is based on consciousness.

Having grown up during the 1970’s, I still feel a strong ‘flower power’ vibe within me, the belief that love and peace can overcome all negativity and hardship. This ‘knowing’ is what connects me to meditation every day.

During these tumultuous times of the #MeToo Movement or the #BLM Movement, I feel more grounded and connected with my inner freedom and peace than ever and it is mediation that helps me achieve this, especially now. There are many ways to mediate, of course, and sitting still, silently doing nothing is not the only way…

I believe meditation can be found in all sorts of things like, gardening to cooking, or simply taking a walk in the woods, quietly taking in the beauty, the smells, as well as the sounds. Even the act of walking can be therapeutic as it can force you to stay in the ‘here and now’. It can be the perfect kind of morning meditation – in fact, it greatly helps me to attune and rebalance my inner and outer world so I can find harmony and peace. From here, I start my day fresh and with a deeper sense of clarity, allowing for the possibility of a more conscious and loving day.

What is your favourite meditation?

Abhi Brandt



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