Terms & conditions A Wellness Revolution

A Wellness Revolution is a trade name of Wellnesscoach Institute, 

Minervalaan 112, 1077 PM Amsterdam

Trade register number: 70822077.
e-mail: info@awellnessrevolution.com

The terms and conditions below apply to all agreements to deliver services provided by ‘A Wellness Revolution’,  registered number 70822077 in the Amsterdam Trade Register (also ‘AWR’) to you (also ‘Client’). Services are primarily courses. However, other services may also be provided and agreements for such services are also governed by these terms and conditions.

  1. Parties. The services of AWR are designed for professionals that desire to further their knowledge on the fields of the AWR expertise. You are expected to enter into this agreement in your capacity of wellness professional.
  2. Establishment of Agreement. Agreements between AWR and you are established each time you register to receive a service from AWR.
  3. Payment. When you register for a service for which a fee is charged you are obliged to pay such fee through the payment methods offered through the AWR website as part of your registration. You will receive an invoice for the amount paid after your registration.
  4. Client Rights. When you registered and paid for a specific service you shall be entitled to receive the service as described on the AWR website and as outlined in the materials you received prior to subscription. If you subscribe for services for which a fee is charged you will not be entitled to receive any service prior to receipt of full payment from you by AWR. AWR optimizes its services continuously. Therefore, AWR is at all times free to reasonably modify the content of the services. AWR is also at liberty to reasonably reschedule services for any reason. Such changes do not entitle you to reduction of fees or liability of AWR.
  5. Personal services. The services ordered by you may only be consumed by you. If you are an incorporated person the natural person or persons being subscribed on your behalf shall be entitled to the services and to the use of the results of the service and no other natural person shall. The natural person entitled to the services must keep the login credentials exclusively to himself and is not allowed to share them with any other person. Breach of this clause gives AWR the right of immediate cancellation of the agreement without any right for you to be reimbursed or to any claims for damages.
  6. Reimbursement. You shall be entitled to reimbursement of (parts of) the fees only for portions of the service that AWR does not offer to you – unless this is caused by force majeur – and you cancel the agreement for that reason. AWR does not reimburse fees for any other reason. In particular AWR does not reimburse services that were offered to you but not consumed by you.
  7. Warranty and liability. AWR makes a continuous effort to offer valuable services. However, the way you use the results of the AWR services is fully your responsibility. AWR does not warrant any results from its services as such results always also depend on the way you use these. AWR is not liable for any damages you may claim resulting from the services of AWR.
  8. Proprietary Materials. The materials, information and knowledge you receive through receipt of the services can be deployed by you for yourself in your capacity of wellness professional and to render wellness coach services to third parties. You are entitled to use the materials for your personal use. However, the materials provided to you in the course of rendering the services are copyright materials of AWR and may not be copied for any other reason than your personal use and may not be published by you to any other person without explicit prior written consent of AWR. Such consent is not given implicitly by the fact that services are rendered to you. AWR will be entitled to additional payment of license fees from you for the right to copy its proprietary materials for the benefit of any other person and to publish the material to any other person than the natural person who received the services.
  9. Privacy. AWR complies with EU privacy laws. The Privacy Statement published on the AWR website provides the details of the rights you have related to your privacy.
  10. Termination. Agreements between you and AWR expire after all agreed services have been rendered. You are not entitled to any intermediate termination (cancellation or dissolvement) of the agreement except in situations as outlined in clause 6. For services not requiring payment AWR is entitled to cancel the agreement at any time for convenience without being held to any obligation of whatever nature – in particular to deliver any services or to be liable for any damages you may suffer resulting from such termination. AWR is entitled to cancel agreements immediately in cases of your non-compliance with these terms and conditions or if you act in breach of any applicable laws in relation to this agreement – in which case you are not entitled to any reimbursement of fees or claims for damages. Non-compliance includes registration for services requiring payment without performing such payment as part of the registration process.
  11. Non-assignment. You are not allowed to transfer any rights or obligations from the agreement to any other person without explicit written consent of AWR.
  12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction. The agreements between you and AWR are governed, construed and shall be enforced by Dutch law. The courts in Amsterdam have exclusive jurisdiction to judge any disputes between you and AWR.

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