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Redefining Wellness with a New Perspective

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The Foundation of a Wellness Revolution:

It is inevitable that the foundation of building a revolution is not as simple as organizing a dinner party, or penning down an essay, or painting another replica of artisans, or even doing embroidery. A revolution is like making a new tapestry that repatterns and changes the energy and direction of one creative expression into another. In a conversation with Cathleen Beerkens, the founder of A Wellness Revolution, she shares with us the insights of her professional and personal milestones that have been the basis of helping to create a new paradigm shift of change from an illness-driven medical system towards a system based on health and wellness.

The Observed Disconnections:

Cathleen states that as a child, she had always developed a strong belief in a universe that is full of goodness and love. While she was growing up, she was oddly struck with the overwhelming sense of a world that was highly disconnected and out of balance. This made her contemplate and deeply observe the pillar of disconnection surrounding her as it was duly affecting her immediate family, the community, and the global world that every individual is residing in. She shares that she continued for many years to research the true reasons behind the imbalances that so many people faced. She found many answers being exposed in the new sciences on the planet that addressed the connections at the cellular level between mind, body and spirit. Cathleen feels her true purpose is to help others understand the power of imbalance and to coach others to create more harmony and balance in their lives. She wants to assist people across the world in becoming more connected and feeling whole in their entire being.

The Connection of Dots:

Steve Jobs said in one of his commencement speeches, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” In this spirit, Cathleen has built her Wellness Revolution. Along the way she followed the synchronicities that unfolded and led her, step by step, to where she is today. She always had a clear vision of where she intended to go. She knew she wanted to build an organization that would bring the world to a healthier and happier destination. With faith, sheer determination and willpower, she laid one idea and goal at a time, building an organization that eventually would bring a message that now in this present moment seems perfectly timed and appropriate. As Cathleen contemplated on her long journey, she further states that it was truly her passion for assisting and serving other individuals that has guided her to this moment. She adds that, in the last three years of her journey, she has utilized the best of her knowledge and compassion by writing this course and building A Wellness Revolution in service to humanity. Her true motivation has always been to help others become self-actualized, finding their purpose and passion, and living out their highest potentiality.

Holding her Vision through Adversity:

Walking and surmounting oneself in the pathway of a revolutionary career does not lead one to be accustomed to banquets and honorary titles, and professorial wages. It more often leads to the contrary, feelings of separation from the status quo, disruption of the old systems, and certainly a voyage into the unknown. Cathleen found perseverance through it all by connecting with her almost superhuman belief that the change was possible and would happen. Cathleen is a visionary and an optimist. She would like to build a like-minded community that support the values of wellness, cooperation, innovation and self-development. Cathleen shares the mission statement of her venture in the subtlest manner. She states that “A Wellness Revolution is committed to providing education and training to Health and Wellness Coaches, to develop in a holistic way, as we integrate the understanding and complexity of the connections between the Body, Mind, and Spirit. We are committed to bringing knowledge of the New Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience, to bring an understanding of the importance of the health of our cells to our wellbeing”.

Teaching Others to Coach Holistically

Cathleen has been teaching her peers and other individuals about how to coach holistically and develop a deep sense of focus on mind, body, and spirit. Many might ask, “What is holistic Health and Wellness Coaching”? Health and Wellness Coaching is in its infancy. It is a comprehensive approach to helping people make the hard changes that affect them on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Lifestyle change can involve any of the following areas: food, relationships, career, exercise, sleep, stress management, social life, finances, home environment, health, emotional balance and education and nourishing your spirit. Holistic Coaching is about learning the importance of the connections and influence these areas all have on our wellbeing. It is learning how to ask the right questions to evoke in clients the internal changes necessary to lead the way to outward changes that are so hard to make and sustain. Her primary vision is to train thousands of students all over the world and to assist them in transforming and supporting the mainstream medical system.

Her YouTube Channel:

Cathleen also utilizes the paradigm of technology and through her YouTube channel (A Wellness Revolution), she admits to providing opportunities for people to bring these new ways of thinking about Health and Wellness to the world. She instills and delivers new ideas, new scientific research, and a new understanding of holistic bio-individual health. She interviews many Doctors, Therapist and Business CEOs that are in their own way bringing these new perspectives. Her YouTube channel started a year ago at the brink of this pandemic. She added, “There can be no greater time than this to help people understand how to keep their bodies healthy. People are very focused on the vaccine, as if it will be the magic pill. If they knew about just a few small self-care practices they could do to care for their immune systems on a daily basis, they would be surprised at how much stronger their bodies would cope with any virus and bacterial infection. In her most recent interview, she mentions that she has interviewed Linde Mees (owner of Whole Systems Energetics) for her YouTube channel, wherein she had conveyed how she assists other businesses to improve the spectrum of energetic fields surrounding their systems. Many people are not aware that your thoughts can influence the success of your business, particularly your sub-conscious thoughts.

Why Certification?

Cathleen shares that her venture, A Wellness Revolution, was first registered in 2018, and since then she has been granted two very important international certifications in addition to her already mapped vision: National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). Her course has also been granted accreditation by the Dutch association of lifestyle coaching (BLCN). She further contends that, more and more, all the governments will regulate this profession and transform it into the realm of the mainstream health care system. This transition is happening as we speak, and over the next ten years it will be necessary to be Certified to work as a Health Coach. The mainstream medical system is very well aware of the problems it is having to help patients change their behavioral patterns and lifestyle habits, which are contributing to so much imbalance and disease.

Her Mission Statement:

Cathleen believes that in order to have a successful business one must integrate an empowering personal mission statement. By being clear about one’s mission, one can make intentions and goals that are in alignment with one’s true purpose. She states that her mission is to inspire individuals to regain their life potential and life force. She loves assisting others to develop an increased awareness and consciousness about themselves and their environment. As she watches her clients and students grow in this way, she sees them liberated and healed on a very deep level. She adds that she feels tremendous joy in her life, as she sets out day after day towards accomplishing these goals. She feels that her greatest quality is her determination to never give up!

The Life Changing New Sciences:

It is evident that each one of us possesses a unique strand in the intricate web of life and is on a mission to make a contribution through our intrinsic value. Cathleen shares that A Wellness Revolution trains coaches who are holistically focusing on the body, mind, and spirit connections in Health and Wellness. She is excited about teaching her students about the new sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Glycoscience that assist them to learn the importance of cellular health and renewal for optimal wellness. Cathleen shares that through her paradigm of wellness, she is keen to focus on the new understanding of Neuroscience, wherein she is absorbing and distributing her pearls of wisdom to assist the students in learning the importance of their thoughts, thought patterns and emotions, which have the potential to influence one’s ability and the tendency to create or limit one’s possibilities. She has seen that the students love learning about the complexities and bio-individuality of wellness.

Utilizing the Law of Vibration and the Law of Alignment:

She also teaches her students how can they utilize the spiritual laws that govern the sciences. To give an example, she states that the law of vibration and the law of alignment are less-understood elements that govern our energetic world. As the students practice their coaching skills, they are also learning and practicing how to clearly communicate and express their desires of manifestation which are all about understanding and utilizing these two spiritual laws.

The New Way of Academic Testing and Personal Care:

She also believes in the new forms of education and testing, where attention is less inclined towards memorization and more toward integration and application. She and her peers also deliver oral discussion group tests to further assist the students in integrating and utilizing the material in their coaching practices. Here they get more opportunity to practice what they have learned and their coaching skills. She also believes in personal care and spends much time with each individual student helping them through the course, their own transformational process, and their transition past Graduation. Some would like to work in the mainstream with Doctors, Therapist and Clinics. Others would prefer to start their own business as a Health Coach or Health Advocate through Education.

The Future!

Cathleen believes that her venture, A Wellness Revolution, is in its infancy and will continue to grow and expand over the next years to support the struggling medical industry. She states that in the previous year, she has received several awards for pioneering and combining these new concepts that influence our rejuvenation and individual health. And although she is not attached to any awards, they have brought light to the hard work that she had generated in these past three years. She further claims that she will never stop in her quest to make the world a better place to exist in. She’s convinced that it is important for her as a Health Coach to ‘walk the talk’ and to continue practicing self-care. She claims that assisting others and creating a life of health and happiness is not possible if that is not a priority for one-self. She further enlightens that she will continue to develop leaders, teachers, mentors as well as coaches with A Wellness Revolution. Her YouTube channel will expand and influence people to locate new ways to achieve a life of health and wellness. Her work will expand to have even greater global influence one step at a time.

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