Sugar Code of Life

Did you know our cells talk to each other?

Glycoscience is the study of how sugars on the outside of every cell of our body communicate.

This communication mechanism must be working optimally for your cells to function correctly.

Think about how difficult it is when we don’t communicate properly.

Mental Peace

There are many stresses on us today.

It can be rather overwhelming to manage it all.

There are new solutions to finding inner peace and stress relief. Here at the Wellness Revolution, we support your unique process to find yourself and inner tranquillity.

Health and Wellness Coaches can help their clients with managing stress and to live a more balanced life.

Children’s Health

As parents, our children’s wellbeing is very important to us.

Children today are facing many challenges that affect their wellness, like altered food, stress, and all the overuse of electronics.

It is important to become more aware of the struggles children are facing in today’s world so that we can make needed changes.

Healthy Cells

A cell is healthy when it is structurally made properly and can function optimally.
When cells are functioning we are at balance and feel well.
Our lifestyle choices and habits influence the health of our cells and our overall wellbeing!

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