Lifestyle Choice

We all have so many choices. In this class we discuss how our digestive system should function and how our choices impact our wellbeing. We examine the emotional as well as physical influences upon this important system and its relationship to our overall health.

Synthetic vs Natural Supplements

Do you know the difference between synthetic and natural real food supplements? Come learn about how Synthetic Supplements have a different bioavailability than Natural Supplements in the body, and can cause long term imbalances. In the class we will explore the best solutions for maintaining cellular health in a natural way.

Weight Management

Managing your weight can be rather challenging with today’s modern food choices and stress. We believe that each person is unique and will need their own program designed just for them. Fat loss is not anymore about the BMI. It is about the body composition. Come explore these new ideas in weight management and perhaps work with one of our trained wellness coaches to reach your goals.

Mental Peace

There are many stresses on us today. It can be rather overwhelming to manage it all. There are new solutions to finding inner peace and stress relief. Here at the Wellness revolution we support your unique process to find yourself and inner tranquillity. Come to our classes and explore these new ideas and perhaps a wellness coach can support and guide you towards teaching your goals and finding your own inner peace.

Children’s Health

As parents our children’s wellbeing is very important to us.
Children today are faced many challenges that affect their wellness like altered food, stress and all the electronics. We can connect you to easy solutions for many of the issues your children are facing. Come listen to ways that you can optimize your child’s health and balance.

Our food Becomes us

Did you know that there is a connection between you gut and brain?
Come hear about how our digestive health will directly effect your brain health and visa versa. How food itself can influence your digestive and ultimately your brain. We look at how emotions, and lifestyle choices influences your whole being. We examine how we are much more than the sum of our parts.

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