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Modern vs. Ancient Grains

What is the difference between the modern and ancient grains?


There is a big difference between the modern and ancient grains on the planet. After World War 2 there was a change in the way the seeds were manufactured for wheat production. The government gave subsidies to farmers in order to hybridize wheat. The reason behind this was to meet the need for the increased supply and demand for the growing world population.


The definition of hybridization is:

“Hybrid Wheat is a cross between two, carefully selected, pure lines. Each hybrid variety, therefore, has genes from both parent varieties.”


“HYBRID WHEAT.” Cropco, 25 May 2017,


According to Larry Law, “Most of today’s wheat is a product of ‘ultra-hybridization’.
Furthermore, he adds, ‘Here’s the million-dollar question; do you know anyone who’s allergic to gluten today?… Wheat is mostly carbohydrate, with only 10 to 15% being protein. But 80% of that protein is gluten.”


Law, Larry. There’s an Elephant in the Room Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health. Angies Option, Inc. GRM, 2017.


Therefore, the consequence has been significant for our bodies. Most of us have difficulties in digesting this new strain of wheat as it is unrecognizable to our systems. This has a big impact on our digestive system and the way we can absorb and digest the modern grain. This can cause an inflammatory effect for many people in the lining of the gut which over time can lead to leaky gut and bowel issues. As a Health and Wellness Coach, it is important to be able to help your clients with the well-being of their gut, as ‘the gut’ has a major impact on our immune system and how well it functions. Health and Wellness Coaches will take a holistic view of digestion and help clients with lifestyle changes that can impact their digestion and well-being.



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