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Have you thought about your Health Retirement Plan?

My what? Your Health Retirement Plan. Saving towards our retirement is considered responsible and just plain ‘good sense’. Most people will try, at some point, to look for ways that secure a better financial future for themselves. I ‘m almost forty-three and I began my financial planning almost ten years ago! 


Working on my health, however, to become optimally healthy and ensure that I continue feeding my mind, body and soul with the proper nutrients is something I have been doing for much longer. It comes naturally to me, from a deep-rooted feeling of both respect and love for my beautiful body. 


As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, I have helped clients improve their health in natural ways and what I realised is that I’ve actually been helping them develop a ‘Health Retirement Plan’ at the same time!


The majority of clients do not come to me seriously ill, but rather with health challenges and issues and I tell them that there is a big difference between not being ill and being optimally healthy! The main reasons clients contact me is often to lose weight and increase their energy levels and when we begin working together, they do become healthier and the kilos do come off but that is simply a by-product because improving a person’s health is my main focus. 


A Health Retirement Plan consists of many things. It is a holistic mind – body – spirit approach. It is about healthy nutrition, healthy thoughts, self-care and incorporating exercise that works for you. It’s about journaling your thoughts, dry brushing and cold showering, about adding the right supplements, and about the right affirmations to get you where you want to be. And it’s about so much more. All the ingredients to a bio-individual healthier lifestyle. 


But where do you start? What do you do? And how do you persevere when life gets in the way? That is where I come in, the Health and Wellness Coach. A coach to help you craft a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. 


Have you thought of your own Health Retirement Plan? I’d like to inspire you to think about your own future. Take some time and get a beautiful journal. Try to think big, think healthy and think happy! 

And if you need some help, at a Wellness Revolution we have an amazing team of Health and Wellness Coaches to help you readjust your puzzle. 

Cheers to your future! 


Roos van Monsjou 



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