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Nicolle Langan

My passion for health and wellness began In 2016. What started as a random Netflix documentary about the benefits of plant-based eating led to an obsession of binge listening to health and wellness podcasts for a year. I couldn’t get enough! At first, I was fascinated with integrative nutrition, which then transcended into exploring the […]

Jacqueline Beale

I received my education from both Jamaica and the US. I have 16 years of Massage and Hospitality experience working in Jamaica and the U.S.A. My areas of focus are: Holistic Therapy, Oncology Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Beauty Therapy, Spa Consulting, and Management. As a Wellness professional I have always looked at therapy as […]

Shelby Hoefling

My name is Shelby Hoefling I graduated from Virginia Tech and currently live in Northern VA, just outside of Washington DC. In between graduating college in 2013 and now, I lived in LA where I first realized and truly felt my love for health and wellness. Even though I absolutely loved LA, I had a […]

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