The Netherlands Archives - A Wellness Revolution

Segrun Monsma

I was born in South Africa to Dutch parents and enjoyed a rather spiritual upbringing. Sports was often second nature in most of the schools out there (SA) and with that combination I have always been fascinated by what could be accomplished by the body-mind-spirit connection. We moved to the Netherlands when I was 11 […]

Mirella Pace

Hi, my name is Mirella and I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Reiki Healer. I started working in the family business after graduating from high school in 2001. I loved working there for the first few years, as I didn’t have a clear vision for my future yet, but as time passed by, […]

Elisa vd Pol

I pursued my lifelong goal of studying health, wellness, nutrition, and movement after spending many years in leading roles within the corporate world. Helping and educating people of all ages has always been what has driven me throughout my career. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Corporate Communication and two university master’s in Economics and […]

Azadeh Rahimi Chatri

I graduated with a doctorate in Physics from the University of Groningen. In the last year of my research, I was diagnosed with cancer, and all I could ask was “What? Why? How?”… That shock was the start of my new journey towards myself, the place where I began meeting new elements, patterns, and people […]

Claudia Dujardin

Hi, I am Claudia, founder of Global Vitality. I was born in Netherlands but left at a young age to go to beautiful South East Asia. My transition from Florida to the Middle East led me to an enriching creative experience and took me on varieties of captivating cultures and culinary adventures. My healthy learning curve […]

Dr. Jeff Balch, PhD

With a background in psychology and international development, I have worked more than thirty years on governance, human rights and public health in Africa. After growing up in California I settled in the Netherlands, where I was awarded a Knighthood for my work on women and children’s rights, among others, and HIV/AIDS in Africa. Following […]

Minka van der Meulen

I was born and raised in southern Amsterdam, NL and graduated from the H.B.O.J (Youth Welfare Work, Amsterdam) in 1985. I then went on to study law for a year at the VU University of Amsterdam. I worked as a ‘group leader’ for 17 years in the children’s welfare sector, especially within homes that housed […]

Elle Dawson

I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master of Science in Work and Organisational Psychology in 2003. I began my career in Human Resources Management within the temporary-employment business sector and worked for 12 years as a Human Resources Officer at several companies. I was particularly struck by the realisation that any successful […]

Janette Derham

I am Irish by birth and have lived in the Netherlands since 1992 with my family.  I was recently naturalized with the Dutch nationality! My first steps into the area of Food Technology began with a Bachelor’s degree from the Dublin Institute for Technology. For years thereafter I was employed in the laboratories of Diageo […]

Bianca Ketting

After 15 years of working in the graphic design industry, I felt a strong need to do something more meaningful to me. I began the Reiki Terra Mai 1,2 & 3 training in 2007, which then led to a one-year massage education training course, followed by a detox treatment training known as the Universal Body […]

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