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Britt Janssen

My name is Britt Janssen and I’m born and raised in The Netherlands. I did a study in Hotel & Event Management. After my graduation I moved to the Caribbean for two years to work as a manager in a restaurant on the beach. Through this experience I realized that was searching for a career […]

Maaike Driessen Laverman

I am the founder of the Institute for Personal Energy and a certified health and wellness/energy coach, Touch 4 Health instructor, mentor, coach and teacher for A Wellness Revolution. I teach coaches worldwide online how to re-program their clients (remove limiting beliefs), and face-to-face in Amsterdam. I have been interviewed by A Wellness Revolution on […]

Jeanneke Douwes

Illness and ill-health have had a great impact on my family, as well as my life in general. This was most noticeably true (many years ago) when genes were considered to hold, and be responsible for, over 85% of our health and wellness. For this reason, I became especially interested in health, the body’s natural […]

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