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Dr. Jeff Balch, PhD

With a background in psychology and international development, I have worked more than thirty years on governance, human rights and public health in Africa. After growing up in California I settled in the Netherlands, where I was awarded a Knighthood for my work on women and children’s rights, among others, and HIV/AIDS in Africa. Following […]

Minka van der Meulen

I was born and raised in southern Amsterdam, NL and graduated from the H.B.O.J (Youth Welfare Work, Amsterdam) in 1985. I then went on to study law for a year at the VU University of Amsterdam. I worked as a ‘group leader’ for 17 years in the children’s welfare sector, especially within homes that housed […]

Henrike Hendrikson

Sound and music always had a special place in my life. I studied classical singing (mezzo-soprano) at the conservatorium –Vrije Muziek Academie in Zeist, the Netherlands (2000-2004). During that time I understood that there is a more natural way to develop the human voice; therefore I specialized in the so called ‘Lichtenberg method’: sound oriented […]

Leo Patel

Picture of Leo Patel

My name is Leo Patel and I was born and raised in the UK. For most of my 20’s I worked as an actor, writer, director and event planner working primarily in theatre. After achieving some long held personal goals, I began to feel, as many of us do, that I needed to expand my […]

Karin Sauren

I graduated from Tilburg University with a Master’s in Business Econometrics, with a specialisation in Logistics, in 1997. I then started my career at IBM (in Spare Parts Logistics) and worked in several IBM offices, including Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I returned to the Netherlands in 2005 with my husband and together we […]

Alma Lilic

I believe that we are meant to thrive, not simply survive in life. I have spent the last 20 years learning and working in many different fields. I have studied chemistry, which earned me the title of chemical engineer. Then came communication science, psychology, vegan nutrition and more. I worked for a large number of companies, from a […]

Abhi Brandt

I am a health food specialist and I coach in the areas of meditation, home & office organization, and healthy food. As a coach, I help people adjust their lifestyle and food habits to the needs of their body, spirit, and mind. I’ve always had an innate interest in meditation. Having come from a Christian […]

Grace Simon-Kellerman

I used to work as a supervisor within the airline business and it was during my time there that I recognized the importance of health. Looking at it from a holistic point of view, I decided to educate myself and become a Reiki Master and Bach Blossom Remedy therapist. I also started softlaser therapy using […]

Helen Poolman

Life Coach, Spiritual Healer & Teacher for Body-Mind-Soul As founder of The School of Light, I am committed to empowering women, especially those who are searching for health and healing as a way of allowing their innermost gifts and highest potential to be their source of inspiration for their life’s purpose. I accompany them on […]

Cathleen Caiola Beerkens

I graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Health Education in 1983 and continued my education by receiving a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1985. I began my nursing career at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington, DC where I worked for 11 years in various positions in the Emergency […]

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