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Do We Need To Be Taking Supplements?

If we eat a healthy diet, we will get all the vitamins and minerals we need, right? Or not? In a perfect, clean and stress-free world, this would be the case.

Several studies show that during the last century, the amount of nutrition in our food has been declining due to factors like soil depletion, green harvesting and food processing.

The use of pesticides and modern farming practices is depleting the soil. Minerals, that once were abundant in our soil, are missing and, therefore, cannot be absorbed by the vegetables that we grow and eat.

Similarly, the sun is responsible for helping to ripen oranges and increase the amount and strength of the natural Vitamin C they contain. In order for oranges to be transported all over the world in an economically efficient way, however, they are often harvested early, therefore, starving them of the sun needed to grow and ripen the oranges so that they are rich with vitamin C.

Furthermore, when food is processed, most of the nutrition is removed.

The amount of nutrients required for optimal function varies, of course, per individual and is dependent on factors like stress and the toxins that we are exposed to. It seems that most people require more, not fewer nutrients nowadays.

Add this all up and you get fewer nutrients in our food yet more nutrients are required, due to the current environmental situation. It would seem, therefore, that supplements are a necessity rather than a luxury.

When you take supplements or decide to start taking supplements, be aware of the difference between natural and synthetic supplements. They are not the same. Please come to our class or course to learn more about it!

Karin Sauren



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