Digestive Health

Why is our Digestive Health so important for our overall Health and Wellness?


The health of our gut affects 70 percent of our overall immune system function and is really the foundation of our health.

Digestion has both an emotional and a physical component and our digestive system is our emotional processing center. How we take in life is how we take in everything, including food itself.

Food or the lack of it has a direct effect on the health of our cells. They are literally built by the food we choose to eat and our being able to digest food and absorb the nutrition has become a major challenge during these turbulent times of change. Join us to learn how your digestive system is affecting you on all levels; mind, body, and spirit. Learn about the microbiome (gut bacteria) and their importance for your health and happiness. In our Health and Wellness Course, we look at all levels of gut health and wellbeing. Join us and become a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and help bring this important knowledge and change around the world.