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Course Outline

The purpose of this course is to help students learn and develop coaching skills and techniques based on holistic theories. These new ways of looking at the mind, body and spirit connections enables students to understand a more robust definition of self-care, health and wellness. We are experiencing an evolving time of change these days and Health and Wellness Coaching offers support on all levels to make this transformation.

A Wellness Revolution is committed to bringing an understanding of the new sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Glycoscience. We take a deeper look at how our thoughts, emotions, behavior and lifestyle choices influence us and the health of our cells.

We help students gain confidence and establish skills to create a Health & Wellness Coaching business.

Goals of the course:

  1. To build confidence and understanding about how to coach clients to self-discover and transform.

  2. To teach the students The Coaching Structure and The Coaching Process.

  3. To learn the importance of the Core Competencies as outlined by ICF.
  4. ...
  5. To help coaches realize that they create their lives and how they can make necessary changes and manifest what they truly want.

  6. To learn how to coach others and help others make necessary changes and manifest what they truly want.

  7. To understand how important the mind, body, spirit connections are and how they influence each other at the cellular level For more information: www.awellnessrevolution.com

  8. To learn how important the body is and what ‘cellular level’ really means.

  9. To learn the importance of digestion in our lives and to help us process our emotions.

  10. To learn the fundamentals of food and nutrition for health and wellbeing.

  11. To learn about Functional Foods, Functional Medicine and other Complimentary Healing Modalities.

  12. To learn about how we feed ourselves with both primary and secondary foods.

  13. To learn about bio-individuality and weight management.

  14. To develop skills necessary to re-program the subconscious for the purpose of changing old habits and developing new ones.

  15. To learn about the properties of food and explore how the foundation of our food has been altered and the influence of toxicity on our wellbeing.

  16. To help guide students in the ethics around supplementation.

  17. To realize that by helping others transform, we are constantly challenging ourselves to change