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Creator of the Positive Separation Method, Eveline Jurry – interviewed by Cathleen

Summary: Cathleen talks to Eveline about: Eveline’s mission to take self-care of the soul Eveline’s background and journey towards her mission How doing something with her hands – something creative – helped her to overcome physical symptoms How Eveline started helping other people to discover this approach to heal and how this developed into the […]

Children’s Therapist and Coach, Lia Weijts – interviewed by Cathleen

Summary of topics addressed in the interview: Why Lia sees more children with motor problems  How children neurologically develop everything for balance and movement in the first 1,5 years of their lives The importance for children to lie down flat on their back or belly, playing on the floor and crawling The importance of the […]

Cathleen talks to Nancy Lonsdorf, a Medical Doctor and expert on Maharishi Ayurveda

Summary Cathleen talks to Nancy Lonsdorf who received her M.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1983 and performed her residency training in psychiatry at Stanford University. Dr. Lonsdorf has also studied with Ayurvedic physicians in India, Europe and the U.S. In this interview Dr. Lonsdorf explains and tells about: What brought her into a more Holistic approach and […]

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