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Chapter One: You Are a Creator This chapter sets the stage by empowering readers with the understanding that they are the creators of their own reality. It lays the foundational belief in personal power and responsibility for one’s life and well-being. Chapter Two: The Art of Manifestation and Digestion Exploring the connections between the physical […]

The Wellness Café – Emotional Eating

In this ‘episode’ of A Wellness Revolution’s ‘bite-sized shorts’, Cathleen addresses the various aspects involved with emotional eating – a familiar topic for most of us, I”m sure… Here she offers a few small tips about what to do when you recognise yourself grabbing a snack instead of allowing yourself to feel any uncomfortable emotions… […]

Launching new bite sized informational ‘shorts’

A Wellness Revolution is excited to share that its launching a new series of bite-sized informational ‘shorts’.  Brief but fun videos where our Founder, Cathleen Beerkens explores all sorts of different areas that can affect our health and wellbeing. Come join us – the very first one gets released tomorrow (1st August)..! ENJOY…!!!

Cathleen Beerkens- Leading The Wellness Revolution!

Our way of living life on planet earth is dramatically changing and consequently, at this time we are faced with more chaos and stress. It becomes increasingly important for each person to take responsibility for their Health & Wellness finding balance and direction. A Wellness Revolution has a mission to train and certify Health & Wellness […]

Building a Holistic Health Coaching Platform to Restore Balance and Wellness

Health and wellness Coaching

Cathleen Beerkens, Founder & Health Coach, A Wellness Revolution hopes to transform the illness-driven medical system towards a system based on health and wellness. As the world moves away from the “sick” care system to a “well” care system, A Wellness Revolution will bring new information and understanding to assist this transition and develop leaders […]

Redefining Wellness with a New Perspective

Article Source: The Foundation of a Wellness Revolution: It is inevitable that the foundation of building a revolution is not as simple as organizing a dinner party, or penning down an essay, or painting another replica of artisans, or even doing embroidery. A revolution is like making a new tapestry that repatterns and changes […]

A Wellness Webinar

Our next course will start in September 2024

Join our free introductory webinar to learn more about the course, accreditations and future career opportunities on July 23rd at 20:00 or 22:00 CET.

Your Creator Matrix

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