FAQ About the online course

General Description of the Course

The course is based upon the blended learning principle, where each student can learn in his or her own time frame, assisted by his or her own tutor. The only dates that are fixed are the testing dates. All lecture materials (presentations, videos, audio, pre-tests etc.) are on-line and are accessible or can be viewed as much as necessary (log-in required). For more information see our Purpose and Schedule

The NEXT Health and Wellness Coaching Course starts in September of 2020

Agenda Course from September 2020 till February 2021

Tests and discussion groups are mandatory to complete for graduation. The entire course will be taught in English. The next course starts in September of 2020.

Class 1

16 September 2020

Welcome, Getting to know each other, Why Health & Wellness Coaching now, The Coaching Process and Digestion

Class 2

23 September 2020

We are Spiritual and Emotional Beings, Belief Systems and the Subconscious, Ethics and Digestion

Class 3

30 September 2020

Health and Wellness Coaching

Discussion Group 1

7 October 2020

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework

Guest Speakers

Disc.Test 1

14 October 2020

Oral Discussion Test 1  (2 dates this week t.b.a.)

Class 4

21 October 2020

Weight Management

Class 5

28 October 2020

Health & Wellness Coaching Structure & Process, Relationships, Business, Entrepreneurship

Coaching Practice

4 November 2020

Coaching Practice Sessions: (2 dates this week t.b.a.)

Class 6

11 November 2020

Health & Wellness Coaching Structure, Certification, Professional Ethics, “What is Food?”, and Ethics/Supplementation

Discussion Group 2

18 November 2020

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework

Guest Speakers

Disc. Test 2

25 November 2020

Oral Discussion Group Test 2  (2 dates this week t.b.a.)

Class 7

9 December 2020

The New Time on the Planet and the Holistic Understanding with The New Sciences and Positive Psychology

Class 8

16 December 2020

Understanding ours Cells Holistically, Creating Intentions, Goals & Action Plans

Class 9

13 January 2021

Food, Digestions, Client-Centered Coaching, Accountability and Immunity

Class 10

20 January 2021

Heart Health, Joint Health, Endocrine Health and Brain Health & The Coaching Process

Discussion Group 3

27 January 2021

Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework

Guest Speakers

Disc. Test 3

3 February 2021

Online Oral Test 3 and Written Component (2 dates this week t.b.a.)

Class 11

10 February 2021

Coaching Practice Session (2 dates this week t.b.a.)

Class 12

17 February 2021

Wrap-Up and Certification

We will accept ongoing admission through 30th September 2020. During the course, we do not treat, mitigate or cure disease or discuss companies or products.

Guest speakers

Session 1 – October 7th, 2020

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 1

Live: Maaike Driessen: “Kinesiology (reprogramming) & Coaching”

Live: Roos van Monsjou: “Healthy Cooking”

Session 2 – November 18th, 2020

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 2

Live: Debby van der Plas: “Neuro-Feedback & Lifestyle Choices”

Live: Lauree Sine: “EFT & Coaching”

Session 3 – January 27th, 2021

2:00 – 3:30  Coaching Practice – Review of Mandatory Homework 3

Live: Claudia Lanson-de Boer: “Women’s Health, Hormones and Digestive Health”

Live: Lia Weijts & Yvonne Medd: “Posture and Movement”


Euros –

  • 2225 – pay in one time or in 2 or 3 transactions (ad an extra 15 per transaction)
  • Payment Plan Available – 3-time payment of 757 or 2-time payment of 1127,50. 

For Students

We want everybody to be able to take our course and become more self aware. We offer a special discount to students. To use our special discount click here.

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Life can be a transformational journey. Health and Wellness Coaches help their clients look at all areas of their life that affects their health. Areas such as your exercise patterns, relationships, career paths, food habits, nutrition choices, and how we nourish the essence of our spirit.

As human beings, we are constantly changing and evolving and sometimes we need to have help with this process. The world is coming to terms with the fact that being healthy and well is not something we can take for granted.

Health and Wellness is not just about arriving at a destination, it is our own unique responsibility and is a lifelong process.

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What People Say About This Course

As a Human Resources Practitioner I wanted to do a Coaching  Course that extends beyond just the normal Business Coaching Principles to a more Holistic approach of Mind Body and Spirit. The Health and Wellness course was the only one that could address this need. We see more and more Business people needing this type of holistic approach to address their Primary and Secondary needs. I also went on my own journey and the level of awareness it has given me especially regarding the emerging science of Glycobiology and the impact on Cell functioning was truly en-lighting.

Kara Walsh

Before I found A Wellness Revolution via ICF website, I’ve been searching for years for a coaching course that covered all the aspects of health and wellness. To be honest, at first the course sounded almost too good to be true, but after I talked to Cathleen and got more information, I realised this was definitely what I’ve been looking for. The 6 month live course was an amazing  experience which taught me so much more than I expected, introduced me to wonderful like-minded people, and helped me on my way to become a great coach myself. It is suited for both wellness beginners and the more experienced wellness warriors. If you take it, I know it it will change your life, like it did mine!

Alma Lilac

“It took me a long time to decide and take the time to follow this course, I was able to experience and learn more in depth the meaning of wellbeing,
The importance of healthy eating habits and focused minds. I hope we can apply all this knowledge to ourselves, the people around us and our entire communities, in order to find balance in our lives and enjoy what this life has to offer, overcoming difficulties in the process.
Thank you A Wellness Revolution Team!”

Luisa Acevedo

I think the future for mankind’s evolution will be to become more conscious of the connections between the body, mind and spirit. It will be necessary for the people to learn to take their own responsibility in creating wellness on all levels. This course helped me to understand that Wellness Coaches will be important as they provide support and offer empowerment during this transformational process.

Minka Van Der Meulen

“This course really gave me a new awareness. I now understand more deeply how my body mind and spirit are integrated and from this realization I have been able to create a new way of living. Since I took the course, my life is more in a flow and fulfilled. I am also more confident in using the tools I have learned to guide and coach my clients to find their life’s purpose and heal at all levels. I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their life and start a new career. This course can tremendously help Practitioners coach and improve the lives of their clients.”

Gr Maaike Driessen

Taking the Wellness Coaching Course has been an incredible healing journey. It has created a new awareness of understanding how I can heal all levels of mind body and spirit. I would really recommend this course!

Susan CaseyWellness Coach

As a hypnotherapist, taking the 6 Months Wellness Coaching Course has been invaluable. It has helped me assist my clients to improve their lives in a more holistic way. My practice has been raised to a higher level where I can support my clients with new healing tools that can really affect their lifestyle changes.

Angus LevieWellness Coach
After I graduated as a Classical Homeopath I started this course. I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise this course really taught me so much about life. I learned about the human body as it works holistically and the effects of food, thoughts, feelings and nutrition at the cellular level.
I grew to understand that what I think and how I think really influences my wellbeing.
In my opinion this was a huge revelation that we don t have to be victims we have a choice how we will live and we can create health and happiness.
Charlotte van der Veen

Through the work that I have done as a nurse, I have become deeply interested in health.

The Wellness Coaching Course gave me a much broader insight in how the body functions in an optimal way. Understanding how important food is in this process was very enlightening.
The course has made me enthusiastic and I have received a boost to awaken to a healthy lifestyle.

Hanneke Setz-Veldman
After 28 years of extremely hard working as an employment lawyer, a burn-out started awakening my consciousness. Now, 6 years later I made a tremendous step forward by completing the health and wellness coach training by Cathleen. Although I learned a lot already by reading books, viewing films on you tube and following spiritual healers on social media, Cathleen added a lot of new knowledge and insights to my ‘collection’. I really joined the course and its flexibility (you can follow it on line whenever you have time) and also meeting students on the other side of the world. This course is really amazing and Cathleen is the most passionate and involved teacher I have ever had.
Karin Bodewes

I absolutely loved following this course. I learned so many new things and above all I learned to take care of myself. This course helped me decide what I want to do for a living; helping people to be the best version of themselves.

This course is a real recommendation to people who want to know more about living a balanced life in mind, body and soul. Even when you don’t want to be a coach this course would be a good lesson to learn from, for every human being.

Britt Janssen

Britt Janssen