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Are Lemons Too Good To Be True..?

Most of us would agree that a lemon and its juice is a beneficial ingredient in any healthy ‘diet’ and lifestyle. We’ve known for years that its juice is effective in both weight management, as well as for detoxifying the body. However, is that all there is to this vibrant vitamin C containing citrus fruit?

Apparently, research has proven that the peel of a lemon is far more nutritious than its juice and it contains all sorts of compounds that can help fight against many diseases [1]. And the best way to harvest these amazing benefits? Freeze the lemons and then grate the frozen peel and eat it [1].

“The frozen peels have essential compounds that boost the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels and prevent cancer development. They are rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B6, C and E, iron, zinc, potassium, fibre and protein as well. They also contain flavonoids and limonoids that are known to strengthen the cells and fight free radicals. Studies have shown positive results in fighting tumours, diabetes, regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure and also promote weight loss” [1].

My first thought when I read this? Make a shopping list with ORGANIC LEMONS ‘front and center’ – and remember to add freezer bags to the list too..!

Jeanneke Douwes


[1] “Health Benefits of Eating Frozen Lemons: Frozen Lemons to Cure Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity: Why Freezing Lemons.” The Times of India, The Times of India, 25 Jan. 2019,

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