Why We Need Health & Wellness Coaches

Why is Health and Wellness Coaching important in these modern times?


We are in the information age; this shift and acceleration is changing our everyday lives as we presently know them. Within a very short time, robots will be taking over many of the job’s humans are doing now. What will be the consequence for us on planet earth?


This rapid change will inevitably come and on one hand, will bring excitement and more freedom while on the other hand chaos and transition leading to uncertainty.


As the old systems break down and the new systems are being created, people are in need of re-inventing not only the systems that served them but even more fundamental to the process of change, they must re-invent themselves; the way they think, feel and behave.


According to Neuroscientist being able to break a habit is about re-wiring your brain.  Health and Wellness Coaches will be a critical part in helping people make these changes and adapting to the most amazing time on this planet.


A Wellness Revolution