Sitting down with Karin Sauren

Sitting down with Karin Sauren

From orthomolecular medicine, to bioresonance therapy, Karin Sauren went on a quest to find greater health and wellness for herself as well as her son, Wesley, who was born with Down Syndrome 10 years ago. Here she reveals which methods were most effective during her journey and where she and Wesley stand today. Karin also founded her own practice, Food Wisdom.

How did you get involved with A Wellness Revolution?

My son, Wesley, was born with Down Syndrome 10 years ago. I will admit that it was a difficult adjustment at first. I knew intuitively, for example, that I wanted to breast feed him but it took him almost 4 weeks to learn how to do so. It then took him another 30 – 40 mins to remember how at each subsequent feeding, so you can imagine, I was feeding him ‘round the clock’. He was also waking up at least 3 times a night so after 2 years of trying to combine work (4 days a week) and caring for Wesley with this intense schedule, I decided that I needed to stop working.

At one point, the Down’s Association asked me whether I would consider becoming more involved in just organising events for them but I wanted to help in a way that had more meaning for me so I came up with the following plan. I noticed that they got all their food (like snacks, sweets and drinks) from the supermarket and the selections they made had become an increasing concern to me so I offered to go to the Eko Plaza and see if they would be willing to subsidise an event with healthier alternative snacks that were gluten and sugar free, for example. So I approached the Eko Plaza and told them about my son (and the Down’s Association) and they agreed to do it, which was wonderful – but they asked for something in return; and that something was an interview with Wesley and myself for their magazine.

A member of A Wellness Revolution (Elle Dawson) saw and read the article and she contacted me, asking whether I had ever heard of glycobiology or glyconutrients. I hadn’t and she recommended a book (“A Gift Called Michelle”) that outlined an inspiring account of a 9 year old girl with Down’s and her transformation towards better health after adding glyconutrients to her diet on a regular basis. It was a wonderful story and it got my attention.

What marked the biggest change for you and Wesley?

I was in the Eko Plaza and came across a book by Richard de Leth, Oersterk. He’s an orthomolecular therapist and a psycho-neuro-immunologist but he started his career as a regular traditional doctor. His book included a more holistic approach to food and nutrition and he went on to recommend the benefits of following a Paleo Diet. I had already removed sugar from my diet by this time, so I proceeded to eliminate all grains and diary for a week and was amazed to find that my eczema of 20 years began to heal! It was at this point that I asked myself, what could this do for Wesley?

Wesley loved to eat and so my starting point was trying to find a grain free version of his 2 favourite foods – pancakes and bread with cheese. I began replacing just these two items initially with grain free versions, which worked very well.

So where did the Bioresonance therapies come in?

I experienced some wonderful benefits from following a Paleo diet and when I began developing a few rather severe allergies, I decided to pursue an alternative avenue towards healing rather than the conventional route (that would always be there). I came across bioresonace therapy and decided to give it a try. I had several treatments and supplemented them further by trying Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Test (NAET) as well. I had a complete ‘reset’ of my body done and continued to have NAET treatments for many months. I had all sorts of simple allergies from chicken and eggs, to all oils… the list went on and they were essentially all healthy food items but still… everything had to be ‘reset’ and I had to be treated for them all.

What did you learn from all this?

What I learned from all this was the realisation that there isn’t one thing that can fix everybody or everything. It’s not just following a Paleo diet or taking supplements or doing bioresonance… It’s an ongoing search. What works for one person may not work for another – it’s all very individual and subjective.

Whenever I went back for a treatment, for example, something was out of balance again. I would have about 20 different systems that were out of balance and my HPA axis was always activated, which I didn’t understand because that implied my stress levels were high but I didn’t work, I only took classes that I enjoyed so it was puzzling to me.

Then I began taking the glyconutrients (or sugars) and after several months I went back as usual and the guy said, what are you taking because this is the first time in 3 years that you are in complete balance – and I don’t want to see you anymore..! And I could feel it too – the restlessness was gone.

How much of the nutrients were you taking then?

I began taking small amounts and gradually began increasing the amount up to 2 spoons a day, which is what I’m still on today.

I also started to give the glyconutrients to Wesley, although it’s difficult to say exactly how it affected him as he had already been making improvements through the dietary changes we had introduced.

It’s been a year now and we recently had an evaluation at Wesley’s school and the teacher was just comparing January 2017 to January 2018 and she was amazed at how much Wesley had improved – in all areas; speaking, interaction with the class, listening to the teacher and independent working and writing.

Similarly, we saw the paediatrician and physiotherapist, both of whom keep records on Wesley’s progress, and they too were amazed. The ‘gross motor skills’ (grove motoriek) of Down Syndrome children has a tendency to plateau at around 9 years of age but Wesley is still able to learn new things and he turned 10 years old last November! These motor skills involve the larger muscle groups of the arms and legs (running, cycling and swimming, for example). He also hasn’t been sick this past year – no ear infections or pneumonia..!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to stress the importance of education. I was initially far less interested in attending the LifeStyle Choices class (offered by A Wellness Revolution), for example, because I was convinced that I knew it all already because of the various courses I had taken. But it turned out to be far more interesting for me than I thought because it highlighted the emotional link that exists within the body and how those blocked emotions can express themselves physically – my learning, thus far, had focused fairly exclusively on the scientific side of things so this was a welcome ‘eye- opener’ for me.

For further information on the classes offered by A Wellness Revolution, click here.


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